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JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller

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JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller

JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller is a new generation flagship flight controller system, K++V2 integrates the advantages of the classic flight controller K3A, and strengthens compatibility and multiple redundancy schemes to form a redundant control system with superior performance, strong reliability and effective guarantee work safety.
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  • Precise Control-The flight accuracy of the route is increased by 25%. The vertical control accuracy is increased by 20%. The trajectory is more precise and the flight is smoother.
  • Strong Shock Resistance-Double shock-absorbing structure design to cope with various complex vibration effects. The frame has strong anti-aging ability and reduces aftersales maintenance investment.
  • Multi-redundant Backup-Tripe redundant IMU and Dual redundant barometers make the flight safer.
  • Noise Reduction and Power Saving-Make noise is 3 times smaller than the previous generation. Power saving 5-15% and much less flying noise.
  • No Calibration-Industrial grade sensor. IMU is calibrated just once and used for lifetime.
  • Attitude Control-Attitude control stability doubled. Much better wind resistance.
  • Dual CPU-More powerful processing. Support up to 1000Hz ESC control.
  • Backup Power-The controller supports a backup power port. More reliable power supply.

Intelligent Vibration Analysis Function

K++V2 comes with intelligent vibration analysis function, which can judge the vibration of the aircraft in real time. And the safety warning is displayed in the APP to help adjust the adaptability of all aspects of the fuselage device. Make flight operations more energy efficient and safer.

Multiple Backups Safer Flight

JIYI K++V2 agriculture flight controller is equipped with triple redundant IMU and dual redundant barometer sensors. Real-time monitoring of sensor data such as IMU through advanced diagnostic algorithms. When an abnormality occurs in the sensor of the navigation system, the system immediately switches to another set of sensors to ensure the safe flight of the aircraft.

One-time calibration, no fear of environmental interference

K++V2 benefits from powerful industrial-grade sensor and algorithm optimization. After the flight controller system is installed, it only needs to be calibrated once. Even if the working environment is changed, there is no need to recalibrate. Really easy to use.

For product configuration and installation, please visit JIYI K++ V2 Flight Controller Manual

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Radar Combo, Standard edition


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Product Parameters Flight Performance
Supported frame types Quadcopter (+ type, X type) Hover accuracy Horizontal ±1.5 m
Hexacopter (+ type, X type, Y type coaxial twin propellers) Vertical ±0.5 m
Octocopter (+ type, X type, V type)
Supported ESC types ESC below 490HZ PWM Maximum tilt angle 30 degrees
Maximum output channels 8 channels Maximum yaw speed 150 degrees/sec
Suggested remote control type SBUS receiver Maximum vertical speed 6 m/s
Supported receiver types PPM, S-BUS receiver Wind resistance Continuous wind: level 4
Supported peripherals RTK, K-BOX, IOT, obstacle avoidance radar, terrain following radar, integrated remote transmitter, FPV camera, binocular vision sensor, flow meter, liquid level meter, etc. Gust: Level 5
Lipo battery types 2-12S Flight modes and functions Attitude mode, GPS mode, ABT operation, autonomous operation, one-button return, out of control protection, out of control to continue operation, low voltage protection, drug out protection function, precision spraying, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, forbidden Fly zone function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function, dual water pump mode, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control
Power dissipation <5W
Working temperature -10~60℃
Storage temperature -25~60℃
Seismic rating <1G< /td>
Hardware specifications
Weight Total net weight: 321g
FC: 87g
PMU: 41g
PMU2(UPS): 44g
Size FC 72.6 × 48.0 × 22.8 mm
PMU 53.4 × 34.4 x 14.5 mm
PMU2(UPS) 53.4 × 34.4 x 14.5 mm
GPS Φ62.0 × 14.3 mm
LED 24.0 × 24.0 × 8.0 mm


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