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Kore Carrier Board

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Kore Carrier Board

The primary purpose of the Kore Multi-Rotor Carrier Board for The Cube Flight Controller is to reduce the rat’s nest of wires and modules typically associated with a multi-rotor assembly. It provides built-in power distribution, redundant power supplies for the autopilot, built-in fail-over power selection, a separate payload power regulator, and many other features.

While this Kore multi-rotor carrier board is geometrically optimized for quadcopters, X8 configurations, and octocopters, it provides connections for every function of The CUBE autopilot. Therefore, this Cube Carrier Board can be integrated into any vehicle type that is supported by The CUBE, including all other multi-rotor frame types, plane, rover, sub, and antenna tracker. This Cube Kore carrier board is designed by Spektreworks Inc.

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Cube Kore Carrier Board Features

  • Up to 12-cell Lithium battery (50.4V)
  • 140A continuous current with 280A surges
  • Power and signal for ESCs conveniently located in corners
  • 12V navigation light power available at each corner
  • Built-in power distribution
  • Built-in voltage and current sense
  • Redundant power supplies for flight critical components
  • Payload connectors with resettable fuses for 5V, 12V, and direct battery power
  • Good power and error indicator lights
  • Built-in buzzer with volume control
  • Connectors for every function of The CUBE
  • Easily accessible PWM voltage level selector (3.3V or 5V)
  • Resistant to ground bounce on PWM signal
  • Connector-compatible with standard ProfiCNC carrier board
  • Connector ports for debugging IO and FMU processors


The system battery should be connected directly to the large pads labeled “MAIN PWR”. Pads are available on both top and bottom of the board. No external power brick is necessary, as voltage and current sense is done directly on the board. Pay special attention to the polarity symbols, as there is no reverse protection. Batteries up to 12S, or 50.4V, may be used.

The power distribution system is rated to supply 140A to the ESCs when exposed to stagnant air at room temperature, with surges up to 280A. If the board will have continuous airflow across it (exposed to prop wash during flight), significantly higher currents may be sourced. Alternatively, if the board will be mounted within an enclosure or if flown on a very hot day, it may be necessary to de-rate the current capacity. For users that expect to operate their vehicle continuously at high currents (over 100A), it is recommended that ground testing is done with a temperature gun prior to flight. The surface of the carrier board should never exceed 100°C.

In order to accurately read the voltage and current using the built-in sensors on the board, the following parameters should be set in The CUBE:

Parameter Value

To set these parameters in mission planner, navigate to the Config/Tuning -> Full Parameter List Page.

  • Note: If you are using a fresh installation of mission planner you will have to enable this page by setting Config/Tuning->Planner->Layout to “Advanced

You may either type in these parameters manually, or download this parameter file and upload via mission planner. After inputting via either method, be sure to click “Write Params” to save the parameters in the Cube.

General Use Payload Power Connectors

There are three general use payload power connectors to source power for external devices and payloads. They are labeled as J1, J14, and J19 in white ink on the board. Molex brand Clik-Mate connectors are used for the power connectors.

Reference Voltage Max Current Pinout Mating Part Number
J1 Battery Voltage 3A 1-3: Battery, 4-6: GND Molex 5023800600
J14 5.3V 1.5A 1-2: 5.3V, 3-4: GND Molex 5023800400
J19 12.2V 2A 1-2: 12.2V, 3-5: GND Molex 5023800500

The battery voltage and 5.3V power connectors are independently fused with resettable fuses. If a short occurs, the fuse will cut power to the offending connector. If this occurs, identify the short and remove it. Wait a couple of minutes and the fuse should reset. The fuses may not react instantly and damage may occur to your carrier board if an external device has a short.

The 12.2V power connector is not internally fused. It is highly recommended that the user fuse any external loads to prevent excessive current from damaging the carrier board.


  • 4-pin JST GH
  • 6-pin JST GH


  • 4-pin Clik-Mate 1.25mm (for 5V payload power)
  • 5-pin Clik-Mate 1.25mm (for 12V payload power)
  • 6-pin Clik-Mate 1.25mm (for battery payload power)

For product installation and configuration, please visit Kore Carrier Board Manual

NOTE: For using the Kore Carrier Board, you need to connect it to the Cube Module.

Kore Carrier Board Parts 01 - Kore Carrier Board

Kore Carrier Board Detail - Kore Carrier Board

For more details, please check the CubePilot official doc:

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