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Holybro Pixhawk 6X Standard Set (REV8)

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Holybro Pixhawk 6X Standard Set (REV8)


The Holybro Pixhawk 6X is the latest update to the successful family of Pixhawk® flight controllers, based on the Pixhawk® FMUv6X Open Standard and the Pixhawk® Autopilot Bus Standard. It comes with PX4 Autopilot® pre-installed. Inside the Holybro Pixhawk 6X, you can find an STMicroelectronics® based STM32H753, paired with sensor technology from Bosch®, InvenSense®, giving you flexibility and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle, suitable for both academic and commercial applications.

The Holybro Pixhawk 6X’s H7 microcontroller contain the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core running up to 480 MHz, has 2MB flash memory and 1MB RAM. Thanks to the updated processing power, developers can be more productive and efficient with their development work, allowing for complex algorithms and models.

The FMUv6X open standard includes high-performance, low-noise IMUs on board, designed for better stabilization. Triple redundant IMU & double redundant barometer on separate buses. When the PX4 Autopilot detects a sensor failure, the system seamlessly switches to another to maintain flight control reliability. An independent LDO powers every sensor set with independent power control. A vibration isolation System to filter out high-frequency vibration and reduce noise to ensure accurate readings, allowing vehicles to reach better overall flight performances. External sensor bus (SPI5) has two chip select lines and data-ready signals for additional sensors and payload with SPI-interface, and with an integrated Microchip Ethernet PHY, high-speed communication with mission computers via ethernet is now possible.

The Holybro Pixhawk 6X is perfect for developers at corporate research labs, startups, academics (research, professors, students), and commercial application. Holybro offers the Pixhawk Baseboard and the Pixhawk Mini-Baseboard, each with different form factor and interfaces.

Key Design Points
  • High performance STM32H753 Processor with clock speed up to 480 MHz
  • Modular flight controller: separated IMU, FMU, and Base system connected by a 100-pin & a 50-pin Pixhawk® Autopilot Bus connector.
  • Redundancy: 3x IMU sensors & 2x Barometer sensors on separate buses
  • Triple redundancy domains: Completely isolated sensor domains with separate buses and separate power control
  • Newly designed vibration isolation system to filter out high frequency vibration and reduce noise to ensure accurate readings
  • Ethernet interface for high-speed mission computer integration
  • IMUs are temperature-controlled by onboard heating resistors, allowing optimum working temperature of IMUs
  • M10 GPS Requires PX4 1.14 & ArduPilot 4.3 or newer.
  • FC Module + a baseboard is require for this product to function.  A FC Module or a Baseboard by itself will not function.
  • Starting from Nov 21, 2023, pixhawk 6x combo set will come with PM02D-HV instead of PM02D-LV
  • Power module comparison chart

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Pixhawk 6X Standard Set 7 - Holybro Pixhawk 6X Standard Set (REV8)


Processors & Sensors
  • FMU Processor: STM32H753
    • 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 480MHz, 2MB flash memory, 1MB RAM
  • IO Processor: STM32F103
    • 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M3, 72MHz, 64KB SRAM
  • On-board sensors
    • Accel/Gyro: ICM-45686 with BalancedGyro™ Technology x3
    • Barometer: ICP20100
    • Barometer: BMP388
    • Mag: BMM150
Electrical data
  • Voltage Ratings:
    • Max input voltage: 6V
    • USB Power Input: 4.75~5.25V
    • Servo Rail Input: 0~36V
  • Current Ratings:
    • Telem1 output current limiter: 1.5A
    • All other port combined output current limiter: 1.5A
Mechanical data
  • Dimensions
    • Flight Controller Module: 38.8 x 31.8 x 16.8mm
    • Standard Baseboard: 52.4 x 102 x 16.7mm (Aluminum)
    • Mini Baseboard: 43.4 x 72.8 x 14.2 mm
  • Weight
    • Flight Controller Module: 31.3g
    • Standard Baseboard: 72.5g (Aluminum)
    • Mini Baseboard: 26.5g
Weight 0.8 kg


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