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CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller


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  • STM32H743 processor
  • Aerospace grade ADI16470
  • accelerometer & gyroscope
  • RM3100 Industrial grade compass
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CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller

CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller Autopilot For PX4 APM Drone Quadcopter Pixhawk; it uses a higher performance STM32H7 series processor than the previous-generation flight controller (FMUv5), and integrates high-precision industrial-grade sensors and ultra-low temperature drift sensors, more stable and reliable. Compared with the previous flight controller, it has better performance and more reliability. This board can run ArduPilot firmware perfectly, and it will also be compatible with PX4 firmware.

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Faster than ever

CUAV X7+ Pro autopilot use STM32H7 series processors, CPU operating frequency increased to 480Mhz, storage 1024K, FLASH 2048K, has a faster processor and larger storage, and uses 512K EEPROM, can expand waypoints to 2048, Bring more imagination to flight applications

Built-in shock absorption design

CUAV X7+ Pro flight controllers have a built-in and reliable CUAV patented shock absorption system, making them fearless of flight jitter!

Adapt to harsh environment

CUAV X7+ Pro autopilot adopts numerous car-level chips and has a built-in high-precision sensor temperature compensation system, which makes the sensor work at a constant temperature to ensure that the sensor can operate with high accuracy and high sensitivity in high and low temperature environments.

Always stable

Invensense + Bosch + ADI + TE series sensors are used, which have lower noise and stronger anti-shock and vibration performance. With the industrial-grade compass RM3100, the flight stability and anti-interference performance have brought a qualitative improvement

Difference between X7+ Pro and X7+?

X7+ Pro replaces the ICM-20689 chip on the X7+ with a high-end ADI16470 chip. Because of its excellent gyro and acceleration drift performance, it has been used in some cutting-edge aerospace projects in the past. This time, we introduced it into the open source flight control, which is integrated into the IMU with triple redundancy and exerts excellent performance

For the regular version, please check CUAV X7+ Flight Controller

ADIS16470 sensor!

X7+ Pro and X7+ are only different from sensors: X7+ pro uses ADI16470 chip instead of ICM-20689 And the front logo has more Pro words, other appearance and size are the same as X7+.

Dual platform compatible

CUAV X7+ Pro Supports the current mainstream PX4 (PX4 is being adapted) and Ardupilot two open source platform firmware to meet the needs of different users.

CUAV X7 Pro Flight Controller quality

CUAV deeply cooperated with the APM & PX4 team to complete the hardware design and software adaptation of the CUAV X7 series, and was produced and tested by the CUAV smart factory. Each autopilot was used for independent I / O through the CUAV AATS system Connectivity and sensor stability test to ensure the stability and reliability of the autopilot.

Other characteristics

  • Internal shock absorption
  • Modular design, can be DIY carrier board
  • Support USB_HS, download logs faster
  • Support more dshot output
  • Support IMU heating, make the sensor work better
  • Dedicated uavcan battery port
  • 3 sets of IMU sensors
  • High-precision industrial sensor(ADIS16470+RM3100)

This Flight Controller can best compatible with The CUAV NEO 3 PRO GPS.

X7 vs V5 series autopilot comparison table
V5+ X7+ Nora X7+ Pro
Processors STM32F765+STM32F1 STM32H743 STM32H743 STM32H743
Sensor 6-Axis: 6-Axis: 6-Axis: 6-Axis:
ICM20689 ICM20689 ICM20689 ADIS16470
ICM-20602 ICM-20649 ICM-20649 ICM-20649
BMI055 BMI088 BMI088 BMI088
Compass: Compass: Compass: Compass:
IST8310 RM3100 RM3100 RM3100
Barometer: Barometer: Barometer: Barometer:
MS5611 MS5611 MS5611 MS5611
MS5611 MS5611 MS5611 MS5611
Frenqency 216MHZ 480MHZ 480MHZ 480MHZ
RAM 512K 1024K 1024K 1024K
Flash 2048K 2048K 2048K 2048K
PWM OUT 8+6 14 14 14
Power module ADC analog Digital CAN PMU SE Digital CAN PMU SE Digital CAN PMU SE
EEPROM 256K 512K 512K 512K
Size 85.5×42×33 77×45.5×39 64×46×22 77×45.5×39
Customize base board YES YES NO YES


CUAV X7 Pro 1 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 2 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 3 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 4 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 5 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 12 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 6 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 7 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 8 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 11 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 13 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller CUAV X7 Pro 14 - CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


Main FMU Processor: STM32H743

On-board sensors:
    • Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ICM-20649
    • Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ADIS16470
    • Accelerometer/Gyroscope: BMI088
    • Magnetometer: RM3100
    • Barometer: MS5611*2
    • 14 PWM outputs (12 supports Dshot)
    • Support multiple RC inputs (SBUs / PPM / DSM)
    • Analogue / PWM RSSI input
    • 2 GPS ports(GPS and UART4 ports)
    • 4 i2c buses(Two i2c dedicated ports)
    • 2 CAN bus ports
    • 2 Power ports(Power A is common adc interface, Power C is uavcan battery interface)
    • 2 ADC intput
    • 1 USB ports
Power System:
    • Power: 4.3~5.4V
    • USB Input: 4.75~5.25V
    • Servo Rail Input: 0~36V
Other Characteristics:
    • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 80°c(Measured value)
    • Three imus
    • Supports temperature compensation
    • Internal shock absorption

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  • Brian Camus

    WDM quickly delivered an excellent product that was extremely useful in constructing my drone.

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