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Mateksys Dronecan CAN-L4-PWM

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Package Included:

  • 1x CAN-L4-PWM board
  • 1x JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P 20cm silicon wire
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Mateksys Dronecan CAN-L4-PWM

  • Mateksys AP_Periph Dronecan To PWM Adapter, CAN-L4-PWM is a CAN bus to PWM signal conversion adapter designed by Mateksys for drones. The function of this adapter is to convert the CAN bus signal on the drone into a PWM signal, so as to connect the ESC or steering gear compatible with the PWM interface.
  • Through this adapter, the information on the CAN bus can be transmitted to the PWM device on the drone. This is very useful for connecting the drone to various types of controllers, sensors or other devices, which can expand the functionality and application range of the drone
  • The Mateksys CAN-L4-PWM is an Adapter Node based on ArudPilot AP_Periph firmware. This adapter turns DShot capable ESCs into CAN ESCs, including full ESC telemetry. This adapter can also turn PWM servos into CAN servos.

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  • ArduPilot AP_Periph MatekL431-Dshot Firmware
  • AP_PERIPH DroneCan TO PWM Adapter
  • 1 CAN, DroneCAN Protocol
  • 9 PWM outputs (8x Dshot)
  • 4.5-5.5V Voltage Range
  • LED Indicator Lights

MATEKSYS AP Periph DroneCAN to PWM Adapter CAN L4 PWM Info - Mateksys Dronecan CAN-L4-PWM


  • LED: (Blue, Fast blinking, Booting)(Blue, Slow blinking, working)(Red, 3.3V indicator)
  • Firmware: ArduPilot AP_Periph MatekL431-Dshot (Update via DroneCAN GUI Tool)
  • “Rx1” pads are for ESC Telemetry, DO NOT connect ESC BEC output to Rx1 pad.
  • Input voltage range: 4.5~5.5V @5V pad/pin
  • 1.5x UARTs: UART1, RX1 – UART3, Tx3/ Rx3
  • Operating Temperatures: -20~80 °C
  • Mounting: 20mm. Diameter – 3mm
  • MCU: STM32L431xC, 256KB Flash
  • ST debug, SWCLK & SWDIO
  • Power consumption: 30mA
  • Board Size: 32×25.4mm
  • Weight:3.5g


  • “Vx” pads are for powering servos via external BEC. “Vx” is not connected to other components on this board.



  • 1x MATEKSYS AP Periph DroneCAN to PWM Adapter – CAN-L4-PWM
  • 1x JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P 20cm silicon wire
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