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Mateksys AP_Periph Can Node L431

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Package Included:

  • 1x CAN-L431 board
  • 1x JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P 20cm silicon wire
  • 1x JST-GH-6P to JST-GH-6P 20cm silicon wire
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Mateksys AP_Periph Can Node L431

The Mateksys CAN-L431 is an Adapter Node based on ArudPilot AP_Periph firmware. With this board, you can easily utilize the ArduPilot driver library to convert ArduPilot-supported GNSS, Compass, Barometer, Airspeed sensor, and GPIO-based (PWM, Buzzer/LED notify) peripherals to DroneCAN bus peripherals.

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  • MCU: STM32L431xC, 256KB Flash
  • CAN transceiver data rates up to 1 Mbit/s
  • 1x CAN, DroneCAN Protocol (2x GH-4P connectors in parallel)
  • 3x UARTs
  • UART1, spare
  • UART2, MSP default, DFU
  • UART3, GPS default
  • 1x I2C
  • for peripheral Airspeed sensor
  • for peripheral Barometer
  • for peripheral Compass QMC5883L
  • 1x SPI
  • for peripheral RM3100
  • 4x ADC
  • BATT2_VOLT, PIN 15
  • BATT2_CURR, PIN 16
  • 5x PWM outputs
  • 1x GPIO with TIM16 for buzzer
  • ST debug, SWCLK & SWDIO
  •  LED
  • Blue, Fast blinking, Booting
  • Blue, Slow blinking, working
  • Red, 3.3V indicator
  • Input voltage range: 4.5~5.5V @5V pad/pin
  • Power consumption: 40mA
  • Operating Temperatures: -20~80 °C
  •  Physical
  • 2x JST-GH-4P(SM04B-GHS-TB) for CAN
  • 1x JST-GH-4P(SM04B-GHS-TB) for I2C
  • 1x JST-GH-6P(SM06B-GHS-TB) for UART3+I2C
  • Board Size: 26mm*26mm*6mm. 3.7g
  • 3D file :
  •  Firmware
  • ArduPilot AP_Periph MatekL431-Periph, or MatekL431-Airspeed
  • Update via DroneCAN GUI Tool


MATEKSYS AP Periph CAN Node CAN L431 Info 1 - Mateksys AP_Periph Can Node L431


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