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JIYI J-RTK is a new generation of high-precision navigation and positioning system developed by Polar Wing. It improves the three-dimensional positioning accuracy from meters to centimeters through real-time dynamic difference technology. Accurate and reliable positioning solution. JIYI J-RTK achieves similar performance at lower price; It is a very cost-effective centimeter-level positioning module. It is an ideal choice for UAV aerial performance, agricultural application, high-precision takeoff and landing, ship takeoff and landing and other applications requiring real-time high-precision navigation.

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High-precision positioning receiver

The is a precise positioning service system based on satellite positioning system (compatible with Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo). It uses ground-based differential enhanced base stations and self-developed positioning algorithms to perform big data calculations through Internet technology. It consists of multiple RTK base stations, A J-RTK cloud network provides precise positioning services for users in the coverage area of the J-RTK network.


1. Centimeter-level positioning accuracy, powerful multipath effect and interference suppression technology;

2. High-precision orientation of dual antennas, strong anti-magnetic interference;

3. High sensitivity, stability and reliability.

For product configuration and installation, please visit J-RTK Manual


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