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Holybro Micro M10 GPS

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Package Includes:
  • 1x Micro GPS module
  • 1x JST GH 6 Position Connector 15 cm
  • 1x JST-GH 6pin Colored Silicon Cable 15 cm

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Holybro Micro M10 GPS

This new design incorporates the Ublox latest 10 Generation GNSS Chip and IST8310 digital compass, providing a convenient method of mounting the compass away from sources of interference that may be present in the confines of the vehicle. It features active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna, rechargeable backup battery for warm starts.

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Micro M10 GPS7 1024x1024 - Holybro Micro M10 GPS

Holybro Micro M10 GPS Features

  • Newest Ublox 10th Gen GNSS
  • Fast & Accurate Positioning
  • IST8310 Compass
  • Small Form Factor


Micro M10 GPS 
GNSS Receiver Ublox M10 Receiver
Number of Concurrent GNSS Up to 4 GNSS
  • BeiDou
  • Galileo
  • GPS
  • QZSS
Compass IST8310
Frequency Band
  • GPS L1
  • Galileo E1
  • BeiDou B1
  • SBAS L1
  • QZSS L1
Output Protocol
  • UBX (U-blox)
  • NMEA
Nav. Update Rate
  • Up to 25 Hz (single GNSS),
  • Up to 10 Hz (4 concurrent GNSS)
GNSS Augmentation System
  • QZSS: L1S (SLAS)
Default Baud Rate 38400
Input Voltage 4.7-5.2V
Accuracy 1.5m
Speed Accuracy 0.05 m/s
Port Type JST-GH-6P
Antenna 25 x 25 x 4 mm ceramic patch antenna
Power consumption Less than 200mA @ 5V
Operating Temperature -40~80C
Dimension 32 x 26 x 9mm (w/o Case)

34 x 28 x 11mm (With Case)

Weight 14g (w/o Case)

16g (With Case)

Other Notes LNA MAX2659ELT+ RF Amplifier
Rechargeable Farah capacitance
Low noise 3.3V regulator


12043Pinouts 480x480 - Holybro Micro M10 GPS

Weight 0.3 kg

Micro M10 GPS, Micro M10 GPS (w/o Case)


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