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Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link

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Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link

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Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link

Data Link Transmission Device Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link is a two-way data link transmission device that transmits remote control signals and data signals simultaneously.

In addition to the data signal, the ground-based remote control signal can be enhanced and sent to the airborne.

It is mainly used to solve the problem of the short distance and low transmission quality of the remote control signal and the data transmission signal.

D03 works in the 900MHz frequency band, and the transmission range can reach 30km,max 60km.Compact size,high integration,high sensitivity.

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Long remote control range

Ultra low power consumption

Real test range 50km(0 packet loss)

Strong anti-interference capability

The output is optional TTL,RS232 and RS485 serial port.

Product Details
The D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission utilizes a mature military-grade data transmission module with an integrated link design, ensuring reliable and stable non-line-of-sight data transmission over significant distances. Despite its small size and lightweight body, the D03 is well-suited for installations with limited space and weight constraints. Its low-power consumption and anti-jamming design make it particularly suitable for non-line-of-sight data transmission and control systems in UAVs and robots. The D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission offers a robust and efficient solution for demanding applications in the field of unmanned systems.
D03 Telemetry RC Link 8 - Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link
The D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission excels in integrated integration, providing low latency, low power consumption, high interference immunity, and the ability to achieve ultra-long distances for data transmission. These features make it a reliable and efficient choice for various applications, ensuring seamless data transmission, minimal delays, extended operational periods, and excellent performance even in challenging and noisy environments.
Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link 1 - Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link
The D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission is equipped with a tuning tool that allows users to change the device’s mode and parameters. This parameterization tool is typically a generic software application that can be operated on a PC. By connecting the D03 to the PC and transferring data, users can utilize the parameterization tool to easily modify the operating mode and parameter settings of the device. This user-friendly interface provides a convenient way to customize the D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission according to specific requirements, enhancing its adaptability and functionality in different applications.
Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link 2 - Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link
Indeed, the D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission supports transparent data transfer function, allowing users to transmit data through the device and interact with data from other devices or systems seamlessly. The device provides a standard TTL/RS232 interface, enhancing its compatibility and flexibility. Users can use this interface to transfer data efficiently and communicate with a wide range of devices and systems, making the D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission a versatile solution for various data exchange and communication needs.
Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link 3 - Chinowing D03 Telemetry RC Link
Weight 43 g without antenna
Dimensions 53mm*40mm*13mm
Operating Frequency P900 MHz / P840 MHz
External voltage 7.4-24 V 2-6S battery
Operating current 500MA 12V power supply
Transmission Serial Port TTL \ RS232 Factory Default TTL If you need RS232 need to be noted before ordering
Baud rate 345bps
Power 20-30 dBm
Antenna 2-4dBi Stick Antenna
Operating Temperature -10~+50℃ Operating Condition
Video Delay <300ms
Transmission Distance 30~60km (Ground to Air) Omni-directional antenna test
Power Supply Interface Ground (Type-c) Sky (XT30)
Protection Grade IP53
Weight 0.5 kg


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Frequency: 902-928MHZ Power: 0.1-1W(dajustable)
Baud Rate: 9600bps--230400bps(adjustable) Data Rate: 100k/200k(adjustable)
Operation Current: 500mA (12V Power Input) Power Input: DC:7.4-24V
Operational Environment: -10~+60℃,Humidity5-95%,RH Weight: 43g
Transmission Range: 5-60km(Depend On The Environment) Dimension: 53mm*40mm*14mm
Ground Unit(Transmitter): SBUS Port*1 USB Port*1 Airborne Unit(Receiver): SBUS Port*1 Serial Port*1 (Serial Port Is Full Duplex Seirla Port,TTL Signal)
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