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Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR Module

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Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR Module

Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR Module has the advantages of low cost, small volume and low power consumption, and multiple interfaces to meet different requirements. TFmini is a milestone for Benewake to promote the process of low cost LiDAR. It has unique optical, structural and electronic designs. As an upgraded version, TFmini-S is based on the extensive experience of TFmini. While still small and light, it has higher performance and is suitable for much more applications.

  • Benewake TFMINI-S Micro LIDAR Module UART (12m)
  • Features a single-point ranging LiDAR
  • Can achieve high frequency range detection
  • Has lower power consumption
  • Is compatible with UART interface
  • Is more adaptable to different outdoor environments

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TFmini-S 12m cost-effective distance sensor

Benewake TFmini S Rangefinder adhere to the application-oriented attitude:
Simple appearance, powerful functions.
It can meet your needs in daily smart goods.

Tiny Body Yet Big Wisdom

TFmini-S is still lightweight: ①the blind zone is reduced to 10cm; ②fearless ambient light; ③frame rate up to 1000H z; ④UART, IIC, IO communication interface switching.

Low Power Yet High Frame Rate

In low power consumption mode, the maximum power consumption can be lower than 100mW, reducing system power consumption and further prolonging LiDAR lifetime.

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Main Application Scenario

  • Pedestrian detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Intelligent barrier gate
  • Altimeter

Product Performance

  • Operating Range: 0.1 ~12 m @ 90% Reflectivity
  • Accuracy: ±6 cm @ (0.1-6 m) [Accuracy was calculated based on a standard whiteboard with reflectivity 90% in indoor condition] / ±1% @ (6-12 m)
  • Distance resolution: 1 cm
  • Frame rate: 100 Hz
  • Ambient light immunity: 70 Klux
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60 °C

Optical parameters

  • Light source: VCSEL
  • Central wavelength: 850 nm
  • Photobiological safety: Class1 (EN60825)
  • FOV: 2°2

Electrical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 5 V ±0.1 V
  • Average current: ≤140 mA
  • Power consumption: ≤0.7 W
  • Peak current: 200 mA
  • Communication level: LVTTL (3.3 V)
  • Communication interface: UART


  • Housing: PC/ABS
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 75 °C
  • Weight: 5 g ±0.3 g
  • Cable length: 10 cm

For product installation and configuration, please visit Benewake TFMINI-S LIDAR – Manual


TFMINI-S LIDAR Module – Datasheet

Benewake TFmini S LIDAR Module 2 - Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR ModuleBenewake TFmini S LIDAR Module 3 - Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR ModuleBenewake TFmini S LIDAR Module 4 - Benewake TFmini-S LIDAR Module

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm


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