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CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor


In stock

  • Dual Temperature Control System
  • Intelligent Deicing
  • Rainproof Structure
  • DroneCAN Protocol
Payment Method - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor

CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk

CUAV SKYE airspeed sensor with a highly integrated STM32F4 processor and industrial-level CAN interface has a dual temperature control system to do the airspeed compensation automatically, significantly improving the drone’s safety level and making it operational in harsh environments.

The first in the industry to integrate pitot tube, airspeed sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, ARM M4 processor, and dual temperature control system into one structure. It has IP44 protection performance. The pitot tube integrates a high-power 32W heating system, which automatically heats according to the ambient temperature and humidity, avoiding data errors caused by pitot tubes freezing or rain blocking, and greatly improving the reliability of UAV operations. By processing collected data with a highly integrated ARM M4 processor and industrial-level CAN interface you can easily use it with most Pixhawk flight controllers or any DroneCAN-supported flight controls.

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SKYE Drone Airspeed Sensor Features

  • DroneCAN Protocol Support APM/PX4 Firmware
  • Dual temperature compensation system
  • Intelligent de-icing Temperature Control System to Prevent Freezing
  • Automatic drainage design
  • Innovative Rainproof Structure
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CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 1 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 2 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 3 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 4 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 5 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 6 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 7 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor Detail 8 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor

Besides this type of drone airspeed sensor, Hitec Airspeed Sensor Bundle is another popular airspeed sensor provided by the World drone market.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


Main Parameter
Processor STM32F4
Protocol DroneCAN
Pitot tube temperature control type Resistance heating
Airspeed sensor MS5525
Sensor performance
Airspeed measurement range ±500 km/h
Airspeed accuracy ±0.69Pa
Total Error Band ±2.5%FS
Temperature measurement range -15℃-150℃
Humidity measurement range 0-100%
Pysical characteristics
Pitot tube heating power 35W
DC IN Default 12-36V
Operating Temperature -20℃±75℃
Size 82.5*30.4*28.2 mm
Weight 22g
Protection Level IP44(To be installed on request)


Safety Bulletin

Skye v1.1.0 Firmware Update Notice (security update)

Hardware damage may occur due to bugs in previous software programs.


If you have a SKYE airspeed meter delivered before May 2023, please urgently upgrade the firmware to 1.1.0; mainly the following security fixes.

  • Fix the problem that the heater continues to heat in some specific environments, causing the Pitot tube to melt.
  • Fix CAN_NODE_ID not working
  • Fix other known bugs.

Please follow Firmware Upgrade to complete the firmware upgrade in time. If your skye has been damaged, please contact your account manager, we will provide you with new hardware for free.

Download the Skye Firmware file

  • The correct firmware will show the software version as 1.1.

skye v1.1 - CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor



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