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Benewake AD2-S-X3 LiDAR

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Package Included:

Three terminal plug*1

Power supply adapter*1

Junction box (Hub)*1

AD2-S-X3 LiDAR*1

Gigabit ethernet cable*1

Data cables*1


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Benewake AD2-S-X3 High-performance 3D256 Lines LiDAR

Product Advantages

The Benewake AD2-S-X3 LiDAR is a high-performance LiDAR system independently developed by Benewake. It features an equivalent of 256 lines and an ultra-high maximum resolution of 0.1° x 0.1°, enabling high-definition target detection across its entire field of view (120° x 25.6°) and accurate detection of various targets.

The Benewake AD2-S-X3 uses a 2D scanning system and an array-based transceiver design, allowing for continuous performance upgrades and iterations. This design meets the requirements for enhanced environmental perception applications.

Equipped with a 905nm active light source, the AD2-S-X3 can operate in various conditions, unaffected by extreme cold or heat. It is highly adaptable to different environments and suitable for use in intelligent transportation scenarios, including highways, railways, civil aviation, water transportation, and mining trucks.

Ultra-high point cloud lines

Capable of capturing richer scene details, providing higher safety redundancy.

Long-range detection

≥350m+ target detection and tracking, advanced perception

High resolution

Reducing the false detection/missed detection rate in the perception environment

Wide FOV

Achieving a wide range of target detection, tracking, and improved safety performance

Custom ROL

The area is dynamically adjustable, which can effectively improve the detection accuracy of target area

905nm wavelength

Better performance and safer laser light source at the same class

Low power consumption

Effectively reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement

Continuous operation

Can be operated 24-hours a day!not affected by external lighting conditions

SDK based development

SDK is open source for easy secondary development

Application Areas
Vehicle-road Coordination

3D point-cloud provides real-time perception of traffic, including pedestrians, identifies high-precision and high-accuracy information such as target type, speed, and location.

Rail Transit

During the operation of rail transit carriers, it can accurately distinguish the position, speed direction, size of obstacles and invading personnel in the area and issue warnings or take corresponding control measures in advance for abnormal conditions.

Maritime Transport Safety

The ultra-wide-angle FOV is suitable for monitoring larger scenes on the water surface. The equipment has detection capabilities throughout the day, providing accurate positioning information for ship targets.

Civil Aviation Berth Guidance

Provide more accurate and safe parking guidance information for aircraft to improve airport safety operations, equipment level, labor efficiency, management level, and service quality

Mining Truck Intelligent Driving

High-precision and long-range detection capabilities can output high-quality structured point cloud data, providing powerful data support for algorithms, early detection of various risks and ensuring operational safety.

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Benewake AD2 S X3High performance 3D256 Lines LiDAR - Benewake AD2-S-X3 LiDAR

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