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Hitec Airspeed Sensor Bundle



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Payment Method - Hitec Airspeed Sensor Bundle

Hitec DroneCAN Digital Airspeed Sensor

Hitec Airspeed Sensor Bundle with an All Sensors DLVR pressure transducer, our airspeed sensor is a solution for vehicles requiring robust airspeed sensing hardware built by a trusted source. Multiple pressure range options are available to suit even the fastest and highest-performance UAS, while the I2C and DroneCAN interfaces ensure compatibility with a variety of systems and autopilots.

  • DLVR Sensor Pressure Range Options: ±5″, ±10″, ±20″ & ±60″
  • Offers great sensitivity and long-term stability
  • Featuring the best-in-class DLVR pressure sensor
  • Provide accurate and reliable performance
±5 ~80 (41 m/sec)
±10 ~120 (62 m/sec)
±20 ~170 (87 m/sec)
±60 ~280 (144 m/sec)
Dimensions 25.4 x 30.0 mm (1 x 1.18 in) *board only
Weight 6g (0.21 oz) *board only | 12g (0.42 oz) *w/pitot tube

Hitec Air Speed Sensor Bundle PARTS & ACCESSORIES

  • Pitot Tube
  • I2C/CAN cable

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How to select a drone airspeed sensor?

Accuracy and stability: The accuracy and stability of the airspeed sensor are crucial performance indicators. Higher accuracy and stability provide precise airspeed data, aiding in flight control and navigation.

Adaptability and compatibility: The suitability of the airspeed sensor for a specific drone system and flight control system should be considered. The sensor should be compatible with other systems to ensure proper data transmission and processing.

Size and weight: The airspeed sensor for a drone should have small size and be lightweight to avoid adding excessive weight and occupying too much space on the drone.

Interference resistance: Drones may encounter various interferences during flight, such as airflows and temperature changes. Choosing an airspeed sensor with good interference resistance minimizes the impact of external factors on sensor data, enhancing measurement accuracy.

Power consumption and power requirements: Drones typically have limited power resources. Therefore, selecting a low-power airspeed sensor can extend the drone’s flight time.

Cost-effectiveness: The selection of an airspeed sensor should consider the balance between its performance and price, ensuring a high cost-effectiveness ratio.

airspeed sensor - Hitec Airspeed Sensor Bundle

Weight 0.35 kg
Airspeed Sensor

Airspeed Sensor ±10″, Airspeed Sensor ±5", Airspeed Sensor ±20″, Airspeed Sensor ±60″


8"Cable / 4" PITOT & SILICON, None


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