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SIYI AI Tracking Module

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SIYI AI Tracking Module 4T Computing Power Human Vehicle Multi-Target Recognition Anti-Lost

4T Computing Power

SIYI AI Tracking Module has a computing power of up to 4Tops @ INT8has strong performance in processing big-data artificial intelligence calculations supports real-time Al recognition and tracking control of drones in the air, and can be widely used in surveillance, agriculture, and plant protection, environmental monitoring, logistics and transportation and many other popular fields.

Human, Vehicle, and Boat Recognition Multi-Target Monitoring

SIYI Al tracking module supports target recognition and tracking based on artificial intelligence technology, automatically recognizes and records pedestrians, vehicles (including cars, trucks, and buses), and boats in the monitoring area, and supports simultaneous monitoring of multiple targets.

Gimbal Camera Collaborative Anti-Lost Tracking

SIYI Al tracking module supports collaborative control with SIYI optical pods and gimbal cameras to achieve real-time tracking and capture of targets and can highlight the subject in the picture through real-time focus and zoom. It supports the anti-lost function. During the tracking process, if the target is blocked or briefly leaves the monitoring screen, the Al tracking module can automatically recognize and continue tracking when it re-enters the monitoring screen.

Mini Size & Lightweight Abundant Features

Specifically optimized for drone application scenarios, the SIYI AI tracking module adopts a small size, lightweight, and low power consumption design. It also has Ethernet output and HDMI output video streams.

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Note: This AI tracking module can be only used with SIYI Drone Cameras such as A8 mini, ZR10, ZR30, and ZT30 etc.

SIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 7 - SIYI AI Tracking ModuleSIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 13 - SIYI AI Tracking ModuleSIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 14 - SIYI AI Tracking ModuleSIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 15 - SIYI AI Tracking ModuleSIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 8 - SIYI AI Tracking ModuleSIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 9 - SIYI AI Tracking Module

SIYI AI Tracking Module 4T 10 - SIYI AI Tracking Module

The AI tracking module of SiYi’s drone camera has several advantages, let’s take a detailed look at them one by one.

First of all, one of the biggest advantages of the AI tracking module is its high-precision tracking ability. By using advanced AI algorithms, the module is able to recognize and track target objects accurately. Whether it’s a person, an animal, or any other object, it can achieve precise tracking, ensuring that the drone can always keep the target object within its field of view. This high-precision tracking ability provides users with a more reliable and stable shooting experience.

Secondly, the AI tracking module is characterized by fast response. When the target object appears, moves, or changes direction, the module can quickly adjust the drone’s flight path and camera angle to ensure continuous and stable tracking of the target. This fast response capability allows users to capture more exciting moments without missing any important shooting moments.

The AI tracking module also supports multi-target tracking. Regardless of the number of targets, the module can track them efficiently, increasing work efficiency. This is especially important for users who need to track multiple target objects at the same time, such as when shooting sports competitions or wildlife, you can easily track and record the movements of multiple targets.

In addition, the AI tracking module has an auto-recognition function. It can automatically select the best tracking strategy and parameters based on the characteristics of the target object, providing a more intelligent tracking experience. This means that users do not need to manually set the tracking parameters, the system will automatically optimize the tracking according to the characteristics of the target, thus providing more accurate and efficient tracking results.

Finally, the AI tracking module has powerful computing capabilities. It uses high-performance processors and algorithms that can process large amounts of images and data in real-time to provide stable and smooth tracking results. This powerful computing power gives users higher shooting quality and a better use experience.

To summarize, the AI tracking module of SiYi’s drone camera can achieve high-precision and fast-response target tracking through advanced AI algorithms and powerful computing power. Its multi-target tracking function, automatic identification capability, and powerful computing power provide users with a smarter and more stable drone flight and shooting experience. Both professional photographers and ordinary users can get satisfactory shooting results with this excellent AI tracking module.

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SIYI AI Tracking Module
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