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JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar


Payment Method - JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar

JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar

JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar module technology. Through continuous scanning of the radar, the aircraft can sense the terrain change in the flight direction, and adjust the flying height in time according to the terrain and crop height to achieve ground-like flight and ensure uniform spraying in flight. The ground-like radar module has stable detection performance and good environmental applicability, strong anti-interference ability, not affected by light, long detection distance, and has the characteristics of all weather and all day.

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  1. High sensitivity;
  2. Long detection distance;
  3. Fast signal transmission;
  4. Stable signal transmission;
  5. All-weather work;
  6. Strong environmental adaptability.

For product configuration and installation, please visit Terrain Radar Manual and Obstacle Avoidance Radar Manual

JIYI Obstacle Avoidance Radar

JIYI Obstacle Avoidance Radar 2 - JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar JIYI Obstacle Avoidance Radar 3 - JIYI Millimeter Wave RadarJIYI Obstacle Avoidance Radar 1 - JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar

JIYI Terrain Following Radar

Terrain Following radar - JIYI Millimeter Wave RadarTerrain Following radar 1 - JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar Terrain Following radar 2 - JIYI Millimeter Wave Radar

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JIYI Radar

Obstacle Avoidance Radar, Terrain Following Radar


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