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Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module

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Benewake TFmini Plus Micro LIDAR Module For Drone

Benewake TFMINI Plus Micro LIDAR Module is a milestone of Benewake in the process of promoting the cost-effective -LiDAR. It is a 12-meter distance sensor with smaller blind zone, higher frame rate, and enclosure rate IP65.

TFmini Plus, based on TFmini, is a single-point short-range Lidar. Inherited characters of low cost, small size and low power consumption from TFmini. TFmini Plus has greatly improved its performance — increasing the measurement frequency, reducing blind zone, improving accuracy and stability. Meanwhile, TFmini Plus Rangefinder introduces IP65 enclosures and optimizes various compensation algorithms, which has greatly expanded its application fields and scenarios.

Also, it inherited TFmini’s design concept – ‘Small Yet Powerful’, TFmini Plus, as large as a man’s thumb, has greatly improved the overall performance. Frame rate can reach 1000Hz, Blind zone narrows down to 10cm. And the lowest power consumption is 85mW. And the average STD within 4m is small than 2cm.

  • Benewake lidar TFmini Module (12 m)
  • Features a cost-effective LiDAR
  • Offers a small-size and low power consumption
  • Improves the frame rate
  • Introduces IP65 enclosures
  • Requires TTL-USB converter to change between UART and I2C

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Safe & Stable

Distinguished from TFmini — Open form module, TFmini Plus has been designed with IP65 enclosures, and also passed the vibration test of drone level, which will greatly expand its application range. To improve applicability, TFmini Plus supports Pix and customization output format, and provides common communication interfaces – UART, I/O, and I2C.

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Product parameters:

  • Operating Range: 0.1m~12m
  • Accuracy: ±5cm @ (0.1-6m), 1% @ (6m-12m)
  • Distance resolution: 5mm
  • Frame rate: 1-1000Hz (adjustable)
  • Ambient light immunity: 70klux
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C ~60 °C
  • Enclosure rating: IP65

Optical parameters:

  • Light source: LED
  • Central wavelength: 850nm
  • FOV: 3.6°

Electrical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 5V ±0.5V
  • Average current: ≤110mA
  • Power consumption: 550mW
  • Peak current: 500mA
  • Communication level: LVTTL (3.3V)


  • Material of enclosure: ABS+PC
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C ~75 °C
  • Weight: 11g
  • Wire length: 30cm

For product installation and configuration, please visit Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR LED Rangefinder User Manual

Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR- Manual in PDF

TFmini Plus Lidar – UAV Altitude Holding Application

TFmini Plus Lidar – Smart Toilet Application

TFmini Plus Lidar – Robot Anti collision Application

TFmini Plus Lidar– LiDAR Level Gauge Application

TFmini Plus Lidar – LiDAR Auto-focus Application

TFmini Plus Lidar – AGV Obstacle Avoidance Application

Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR ModuleBenewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module 2 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR ModuleBenewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module 3 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module

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