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Skydroid C20

Skydroid C20 User Manual

Table of Contents Skydroid C20 User Manual Product introduction Skydroid C20 is a high-performance dual light three-axis zoom gimbal, equipped with image grade sensors and effective pixels of up to 2 million. It has powerful video recording and photography capabilities, with 22x optical zoom and night vision functions that break through the limitations
SIYI N7 Ardupilot User Manual​

SIYI N7 Ardupilot User Manual​

Table of Contents SIYI N7 Ardupilot User Manual SIYI N7 Ardupilot User Manual INTRODUCTION Product Features Systematic Solution The N7 flight control system supports a series of feature-rich S IYI products and open-source ecosystem products to easily meet different application requirements. Combine high-performance firmware and software including PX4, ArduPilot, QGroundControl, and Mission Planner to support
A8 Mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera User Manual

A8 Mini 4K AI Mini Zoom gimbal camera user Manual

Table of Contents A8 mini 4K AI MINI ZOOM GIMBAL CAMERA USER MANUAL INTRODUCTION Product Features Powerful Imaging System A8 mini carries an 1/1.7-inch Sony image sensor, an 8 megapixels CMOS with remarkable photosensitivity ability, impressive 4K video recording and photography.Up to 6x digital zoom. The scenery is clear, making it easy to produce grand
ZT30 Manual

SIYI ZT30 Manual

Table of Contents SIYI ZT30 Manual SIYI ZT30 Introduction Product Features Hybrid Four Sensors​ A hybrid-sensor solution was born to lead the industry. Zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras, laser rangefinders, and wide-angle cameras collaborate efficiently to detect heat sources while measuring distance to targets, capturing clearer pictures, and having a broad view. High-Resolution Thermal ImagingFull-Screen/Point-Anywhere Temperature
CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation

CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation

Table of Contents CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation private network micro-base station system is a high-performance UAV long-distance and large-bandwidth link system solution independently developed by Leixun Innovation.It consists of a LBA3 Base, an air terminal, and an AG gateway. It has 50km


Table of Contents SIYI AI TRACKING MODULE USER MANUAL​ SIYI AI tracking module supports collaborative control with SIYI optical pods and gimbal cameras to achieve real-time tracking and capture of targets and can highlight the tracking target in the picture through real-time focus and zoom.It supports the anti-lost function. During the tracking
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