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CUAV Pixhawk V6X Manual

CUAV Pixhawk V6X Manual

Pixhawk V6X® is a new generation of Pixhawk® designed by CUAV and PX4; it is designed based on the Pixhawk FMU V6X standard and pursues ultimate security and stability; it adopts H7 double-precision floating-point arithmetic unit and Cortex®-M3 coprocessor, independent bus and power supply. Three redundant IMU, IMU temperature factory
Hitec Airspeed Sensor User Manual

Hitec Airspeed Sensor User Manual

Hitec Airspeed Sensor User Manual,featuring the best-in-class DLVR pressure sensor. All Sensors' CoBeam2 technology improves both sensitivity and long-term stability, allowing the Hitec Airspeed Sensor to provide accurate and reliable performance for professional use. Plus, its flexible interfaces and open-source firmware enable seamless compatibility with unmanned systems and other demanding
herelink v 1.1 manual

Herelink V1.1 Manual

Herelink 1.1 is based on the original platform and functions of Herelink 1.0. The controller improved the display brightness up to 1000 nit. Moreover, an additional Ethernet interface is available on airunit1.1 to support more peripheral devices and adapt to more applications, a SD card slot is available on the
RF Design

RFD Modem Support FAQs

RFD Modem Support FAQs:1.Basic use/operation 2.Performance tips 3.SiK Troubleshooting 4.Useful links
RFD900 TXMOD V2 Bundle

RFD TXMOD User Manual

RFD TXMOD, or TXMOD, has been designed to work in conjunction with the Taranis X9D Radio Control Transmitter from FrSky and other compatible controllers. The RFD TXMOD transmits the PPM stream from the controller to the vehicle via the RF Design long range telemetry modems while also receiving telemetry data
RFD900x Bundle

RFD900x Multipoint User Manual

RFD900x Multipoint User Manual Multipoint firmware User Manual For use on the RFD x/ux/ux-SMT modems, Multipoint Firmware versions 2.86+
RFD900x Bundle (1)

RFDesign SiK Software manual

SiK Software solution (see Useful Links) is an open source development which is also compatible with RFD900 Modem Tools.
RFD900x Bundle

RFD900x DataSheet Manual

RFD900x DataSheet Manual : Product Specifications and Performance Flash Programmer User Manual
original - Mauch 031 PDB Manual

Mauch 031 PDB Manual

Mauch 031 PDB was specially designed for the Pixhawk 2.1 (aka The Cube) with integrated 2 x 200A hall sensor current measurements, Sensor Hub X2, 4-14S HYB-BEC and most important a main power switch with the capability to withstand a current of continues 400A.
auch Power-Cube 1

Mauch Power-Cube 1 / V3 Manual

The Power-Cube series was developed in response to the increasing power demand of bigger UAV-s together with the new Pixhawk 2.1. The installed equipment, such as heated IMU’s, optical flow sensors, OSD, dual GPS, telemetry, companion computers, gimbal, camera, landing gear, parachute, digital servos, LED-s, Raspberry Pi 3, Lidar require
1 - Lipo Battery Guide

Lipo Battery Guide

Facebook Youtube Instagram RFD Modem Support FAQs Lipo Battery Guide   What's a Lipo battery? Lipo Battery, its full name is lithium polymer battery, people also called Li-po battery, or more correctly lithium-ion polymer battery (abbreviated as LiPo, LIP, Li-poly and others). Lipo is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid
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