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Zingto INYYO 33W

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Zingto INYYO 33W

  • SONY 33X Optical zoom starlight camera
  • 155mm long-focus lens
  • Fast smooth focusing
  • High precision dip angle trivial PTZ
  • Double layer physical shock absorption
  • Quick-release structure
  • 360°Rotation
  • Remote download of photos/videos
  • Target positioning
Military Standard

Made of aviation aluminum alloy and high-strength nylon, with high strength, good vibration absorption, rain resistance, dust prevention and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to harsh field working environment.

  • Storage range:-30℃~60℃
  • Protection level:IP43
  • Work range: -20℃~60℃
Excellent Stability

Zingto INYYO 33W The advanced dip angle triaxial stabilization PTZ works closely with mechanical platform, and the high-speed processor controls the precise operation of the motor, with a steady-state frequency of up to 1250Hz to compensate for every subtle movement and maintain a stable shooting angle.


The original intelligent mechanical design structure realizes 360 ° no blind angle rotation, can free access to unrestrained omni-directional vision.

  • Yaw: 360° unlimited
  • Pitch: -120°~30°
  • Roll: ±60°
Wonderful Presentation

High magnification optical zoom night vision camera can easily capture remote details and clearly present the long-range view, no matter in the daytime or at night; It is easy to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance and other tasks.

  • Optical zoom: High multiple
  • Night vision: Low Lux
Target Positioning

INYYO Series electro-optical pod can add target positioning module, through the INYYO GCS app software to connect the integrated data & video Transmitter or the data & video integrated ground station to realize all the control of the photoelectric pod, and the longitude latitude coordinates and elevation information of the target can be intelligently calculated and displayed.

Zingto INYYO 33W 1 - Zingto INYYO 33W

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