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Zingto INYYO 303

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Zingto INYYO 303

  • Dip angle roll axis design
  • SONY 30X optical zoom starlight visible light module
  • 25mm lens 12μm Pixel pitch thermal imaging temperature measurement module
  • 2500m laser ranging module
  • 360 ° infinite rotation of yaw axis
  • Low wind resistance shape design
  • Support SDI / h.264/h.265 digital video output
  • Support S.BUS/TTL/RS232 control
  • Support target detection, recognition and tracking
  • Support MAVLINK Control protocol
  • Has been adapted to many commercial flight controllers


Zingto INYYO 303 is a cost-effective triaxial image stabilization triple vision photoelectric pod, with AI target detection / recognition / tracking function. It integrates Sony 30x high-quality starlight optical module, 25mm focal length 12 μm high sensitivity thermographic module, and 2500m laser ranging module; Lightweight and dip angle low wind resistance design, especially suitable for all kinds of UAVs with a airspeed of no more than 120km/h.

The product has powerful functions and the core technology is independent and controllable. It is applicable to various fields such as situation awareness, forest fire prevention, border and coastal defense monitoring, law enforcement and evidence collection, large field of view remote sensing and so on.

Zingto INYYO 303 has the function of automatic detection and recognition of typical targets (visible light and infrared) such as vehicles, ships and personnel. It can detect multiple targets at the same time. The target detection probability is better than 90%, the target recognition probability is better than 85%, the false alarm rate is less than 10%, and the processing speed is not less than 30fps (1920 ×1080 resolution).

The high-precision real-time tracking of fixed and moving targets on the ground can be realized according to the acquired video acquisition picture. Through advanced AI image clarity processing technology, the influence of rain, fog and other bad weather or low illumination, backlight and other factors on the original image can be effectively reduced, and the difference between different object features in the image can be expanded; The tracking process can resist illumination change, target scale change, target occlusion, target rotation, target blur, target deformation and fast motion.

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Zingto INYYO 303 3 - Zingto INYYO 303

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