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ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger

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  • 1 x ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger
  • Add a Power Supply (not included)
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ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Drone Charger

The ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger is a worthy upgrade over the previous version, the M8. The ToolkitRC M8S Charger adds extra power to 400W, amperage now at 18A, and a full-color display! M8S is a multi-function charger and discharger that integrates receiver and servo test functions along with power supply functions. You can even test your Sbus/PWM/PPM signals with this charger!

  • Lipo. LiHV. LiFe Lion1-8S. NiMh 1-20s. PB1-12s battery charging and discharging and balance management.
  • Charging current: Maximum 18A@400W.
  • Discharge Current: Recovery MAX 18A@400W, normal mode MAX5A@20W
  • Lithium battery full voltage can be set (TVC)
  • can measure battery voltage. battery internal resistance. lithium battery balance management.
  • ESC power meter 400W@18A, simultaneous output voltage and throttle signal.
  • Measurement of signal values suchas PWM/PPM/SBUS with accuracy of up to 1us.
  • can output PWM/PPM/SBUS standardsignal.accuracy up to 1 microseconds.
  • constant current constant voltage source output.can customize 1-30V constant voltage. 1-18A constant current.
  • can be adapted to the mainstream UAV battery.automatically activated and charged.
  • USB 2.1A@5.0V output. rechargeable mobile device.
  • Device simulation for USB flash drive. copy upgrade file to achieve product firmware upgrade.

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ToolkitRC Charger Features:

  • 2.4″ Color Screen
  • Battery Charger
  • Cell Checker
  • Servo Tester
  • PWM,PPM.SBUS Input/output Receiver & Flight control tester
  • Viable AMP/volt DC Power supply (Required external DC input)

ToolkitRC M8S Specifications:

  • Charging
  • Input 7-30V: @MAX18A
  • Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion @ 1-8S NiMh @1-20S Pb @1-12S
  • Bal Current: 800mA @2-8S
  • Accuracy: ±0.01V
  • Charging Power 0.1-18A @ 400W
  • Discharging Power 0.1-18A @ 400W
  • Recycle Mode 0.1-5A @ 20W Normal Mode
  • USB 2.1A @ 5.0V upgrade


  • PWM 880us-2200us @20-400Hz
  • PPM 880us-2200us*8Ch @20-50hz
  • SBUS 880us-2200us*16ch @20-100Hz
  • Voltage 1.0V-5.0V @1-8S
  • IR 1-100mR @1-8S


  • PWM 500us-2500us @20-1000Hz
  • PPM 880us-2200us*8ch @50hz
  • SBUS 880us-2200us*16ch @74Hz
  • Power 1-18A @ 1-30V Mode: CC+CV
  • Display:LCD TFT 2.4 inch 320*240 resolution

For more ToolkitRC charger, please visit World Drone Market.

For installation and configuration, please check ToolkitRC Charger MANUAL

ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger 4 1 - ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger

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