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ToolkitRC M4Q Smart Charger

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Package Included:

  • ToolkitRC M4Q 50W 5A 1-4S Quad Channel AC/DC Smart Charger * 1
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ToolkitRC M4Q 4x50W 5A AC 100W 4 CH DC 200W Smart Charger XT60/XT30 Optional for 1-4S Lipo Battery

ToolkitRC M4Q Smart Charger 50W (XT60) is an AC/DC smart charger that features dual power and great flexibility. ToolkitRC M4Q charger is a great option to safely charge up to four batteries at the same time! This smart charger includes four ports, a built-in 100w AC power supply, 200w DC input for more power, four channel-independent operations, and a display for easy control and view. The ToolkitRC charger also includes a 32-Bit ARM processor for high-precision charging management and balancing accuracy <0.005V and a 3.5″ IPS screen with 480×320 resolution for a clear and wide-angle display. 

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Product Description

The M4Q ToolkitRC Smart Charger is a four-channel balanced drone battery charger with IPS display and wheel menu navigation, which is easy and convenient to operate.

  • Charge, discharge and balance management of LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Lion 1-4S, NiMh 1-10S, PB1-8Sbatteries.
  • AC and DC power supply modes: AC100-240Vmax 100W; DC 10-18V max 200W.
  • Charging current: Max 5A @MAX50W.
  • Charging accuracy <0.005V.
  • Balancing current 240mA.
  • Lithium battery cut-off voltage canbeset (TVC).
  • Automatically allocate input power.
  • Multi-language system, can upgrade any language you need.
  • The device connects to a PC like a USB drive, simply copy and paste new firmware files for easy updates.
  • Can record 5 commonly used batteries.
  • Can record 3 groups of commonly used power sources, convenient and fast translation


  • Input voltage:
    • AC100-240V@MAX1.5A
    • DC10-18V@MAX20A
  • Type of battery:
    • LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-4S
    • NiMh @1-10S Pb @1-8S
  • Balance current:240mA @2-4S
  • Balance accuracy: < 0.005V
  • Charge power:
    • 0.1-5A@50W*4 DC
    • 0.1-5A@50W*2 AC 
    • 0.1-5A@25W*4 AC
  • Voltage range:0.2V-5.0V @1-4S
  • Internal resistance:1-100mR @1-4S
  • MicroUSB:Upgrade@USB2.0
  • Product size:150*112*36.5 mm
  • Pack size:160*160*46 mm
  • LCD:IPS 3.5 inch 480*320pixel

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For installation and configuration, please check ToolkitRC Charger MANUAL

ToolkitRC M4Q Smart Charger details - ToolkitRC M4Q Smart Charger

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4.6 cm


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