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ToolkitRC M6DAC Smart Charger

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ToolkitRC M6DAC Dual Channel Smart Lipo Drone Battery Charger

ToolkitRC M6DAC Smart Charger is a dual-channel balanced charger product. Small size, high power density, innovative design, and charging accuracy can be as low as 5mV.
  • Built-in 200W AC power supply.
  • Charge, discharge and balance management of LiPo, LiHV, LiFe Lion 1-6S, NiMh 1-16S, PB1-10S batteries.
  • Charging current:Synchronous mode maximum 25A@MAX 700W, Asynchronous mode maximum 15A@MAX 350W
  • Discharge current:Recycle mode maximum 15A @350W*2, Normal mode maximum 3A @15W*2
  • 65W fast charge USB-C output.
  • PD/QC/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE/SFCP/etc. full protocol.
  • Lithium battery cut-off voltage can be set (TVC function).
  • Constant current and constant voltage output, customizable 1-28V constant voltage, 1-15A constant current.
  • Can be adapted to mainstream UAV batteries, automatically activated and charged.
  • Multi-language system, can arbitrarily upgrade the required language.
  • The device connects to PC like a USB drive for easy firmware upgrades. Simply copy and paste new firmware files to update.

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M6DAC Lipo Drone Battery Charger Specification:

Input voltage: DC 7.0-28.0V  @MAX 30A
                         AC 100-240V @ MAX 2.5A
Type of battery: Lipo  LiHV  LiFe Lion@1-6S
                             NiMh @1-16S   Pb @1-10S
Balance current: 1000mA @2-6S
Balance accuracy: <0.005V
Charger power: 0.1-15A @350W *2  (Asynchronous mode)
                             0.1-25A @700W  (Synchronous mode)
Discharge power: 350W  @MAX 15A *2(Recycle mode)
                                15W@3A *2 (Normal mode)
USBC power: MAX 65W 3.25A @20.0V  or Upgraded
Battery voltage: 1.0V-5.0V@1-6S
Internal resistance: 1-100mR@1-6S
LCD: IPS  3.5 inch LCD 480*320 Pixel
Safety Drone Battery Charger
  1. M6DAC allows input voltage of 7-28V or AC100-240V. Please ensure that the power supply voltage is in line with this range. Pay attention to the positive and negative polarities of the power supply when connecting.
  2. Do not use this product in a hot area or near a heat source. Do not use this product in a damp, flammable or explosive gas environment.
  3. Only use this product while under direct supervision. Do not leave charging batteries unattended.
  4. When not using this product, please unplug the input power in time.
  5. When using the charging function, please set the current matching with the battery. Don’t set excessive current charging, so as not to damage the battery.

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For installation and configuration, please check ToolkitRC Charger MANUAL

ToolkitRC M6DAC DC 350WX2 15A AC 700W 25A Du 6 1 - ToolkitRC M6DAC Smart Charger
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Dimensions 158 × 134 × 63 cm

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  • Pavel Prajapa

    Arrived quickly, and this product is very easy to use with different languages. The screen is bright and clear enough no matter day or night. Compare to other charger, the price for this one is the best!!!!

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