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Skydroid MX680 Quadcopter


Please contact us if you would like to purchase the MX680 drone. Thank you!

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Payment Method - Skydroid MX680 Quadcopter

Skydroid MX680 RC Quadcopter Long Range Multifunctional Training Drone

The Skydroid MX680 flight platform was born for various application environments, aiming to further improve the feasibility of aerial operations. The MX680 drone series has a compact design, full carbon fiber integration, a very small wheelbase of 680 mm, and 100 minutes (no-load endurance) to provide professional solutions for many industries.

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  • Open source code
  • 20 km image transmission distance
  • 80 minute endurance
  • Ultra long link
  • FPV Perspective
  • Super scalability

HD Video Transmission System

Skydroid MX680 has a high-definition video transmission system, providing a control distance of up to 20 kilometers and dual-channel video transmission. Automatic frequency hopping technology brings stronger anti-interference ability and more stable image transmission.

Android system

Skydroid H16 is equipped with a 7-inch ISP high-brightness screen with a resolution of 1920*1200 and a brightness of up to 2000 nits. Built-in Android operating system, and provides the SOCET interface required for development, making development easy.

FPV perspective

All MX680 series are equipped with single-axis FPV gimbal as standard, making the flight angle safer and more stable. It can support up to 1080P H.264 encoded video transmission, and provide car video and camera functions.

Smart battery

The MX680 uses a high-energy-density carp-ion battery, which can easily check the power and switch control through the intelligent control panel, and is equipped with an intelligent discharge system.

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680 - Skydroid MX680 QuadcopterMX680 Dual light pod - Skydroid MX680 Quadcopter MX680 10x gimbal - Skydroid MX680 Quadcopter MX680 Battery - Skydroid MX680 Quadcopter

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MX680-10x gimbal, MX680-Dual light pod, MX680 Battery


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