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Skydroid MX450 Quadcopter

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Skydroid MX450 RC Quadcopter Long Range Multifunctional Training Drone

The Skydroid MX450 Quadcopter long-range drone is designed for multiple functions. The MX450 drone comes with a 1080P high-definition camera to make the picture clearer and more real. With the Skydroid H12 remote control, the flying distance can reach 2–5 kilometers. The drone’s own battery is a 3S 4200mah high-capacity high-density smart battery, and the no-load flight time can reach 28 minutes.

The MX450 multi-function version drone has a high-brightness illuminator under the fuselage, and the farthest illuminating distance can reach 100 meters, ensuring that you can work with confidence in a dark situation. It is equipped with a 4200mAH large-capacity high-density smart battery durance of 28 minutes. The smart charging and discharging battery makes it working longer and safer.

Using with Skydroid remote Control ground station to realize 5KM ultra-long-distance real-time digital video transmission, and say goodbye to the simulated snowflake screen and reproduce the real vision. Automatic noise reduction, clear and rich full sound, high-power speaker, volume up to 120 dB, maximum height of 100 meters.

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Skydroid MX450 Features

  • High Precision M8N GPS Positioning
  • High Strength Frame Structure and powerful power system
  • 5KM Long range digital video transmission system
  • 1080P HD camera with 2 axis stabilization gimbal
  • 28 minutes flight time (no payload)
  • 100 meters lighting distance

Application Details

  • With its excellent performance and versatility, Skydroid MX450 quadcopter is suitable for a variety of applications:
    Aerial photography and video: Equipped with 1080P HD camera and 2-axis stabilized gimbal, it is suitable for high-quality aerial photography and video, capturing clear and stable videos and photos.
  • Long-distance reconnaissance: Equipped with 5KM long-distance digital video transmission system, it can carry out long-distance reconnaissance and monitoring, which is suitable for security monitoring and border patrol.
  • Night operation: equipped with a high-brightness illuminator at the bottom, the illumination distance can reach 100 meters, suitable for night search and rescue, patrolling and other scenes requiring illumination.
  • Agricultural monitoring: With its long endurance and HD camera, it can monitor farmland and help farmers discover crop growth and pest problems in time.
  • Topographic mapping: With its high-precision M8N GPS positioning system, it can perform topographic mapping and 3D modeling, providing data support for urban planning and geological exploration.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Although the MX450 is primarily designed for training and multi-purpose use, its long endurance and long-distance transmission capabilities also give it the potential to be used in logistics and distribution applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the flight time of the Skydroid MX450 quadcopter?

A: The Skydroid MX450 has a flight time of up to 28 minutes without load.

Q: What is the maximum flight distance of this versatile quadcopter?

A: With the Skydroid H12 remote control, the MX450 can fly up to a maximum distance of 2-5 kilometers.

Q: What are the features of the camera that comes with the MX450?

A: The MX450 is equipped with a 1080P HD camera with a 2-axis stabilized gimbal to capture clear and stable images.

Q: What is the battery life?

A: The MX450 uses a 3S 4200mAh high-capacity, high-density smart battery that supports up to 28 minutes of flight time.

Q: What is the lighting distance of the illuminator of this multi-functional quadcopter?

A: The high-brightness illuminator on the bottom of MX450 can illuminate up to 100 meters, which is perfect for night operations.

Q: Is this training drone suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, MX450 is a multi-functional training drone for flyers of different levels.

Q: Does the Skydroid MX450 support the auto-return function?

A: Although it is not explicitly mentioned in the product description, usually similar training drones will have smart flight features such as auto-return.

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MX450 Standard Combo, MX450 Professional Combo-1 Battery, MX450 Professional Combo-3 Battery, MX450 Battery


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  • Item Brand: Skydroid
  • Item name: MX450
  • Diagonal wheelbase: 450 mm
  • The size of the drone without propeller: 361 * 361 * 106 mm
  • The size of the drone with propeller: 496 * 496 * 106 mm
  • Packing size: 500 * 405 * 130 mm
  • Drone net weight: 650g
  • Propeller size: 9 inch
  • Battery Voltage: 3S
  • Battery Capacity: 4200mAh
  • Battery Weight: 233g
  • Motor Model: 2312
  • Video transmission distance: 2-5KM
  • Telemetry distance: 2—5KM
  • Flying height: 0-500 m
  • Max take-off altitude: 3000 m
  • Propeller material: nylon+fiber
  • Arm material: nylon+fiber
  • Flight time: 28 minutes
  • Charger: 3S high voltage, 3A, balanced charge
H12 Remote Controller:
  • Product model: H12
  • Working voltage: 4.2V
  • Frequency band: 2.400 - 2.483GHz
  • Upgrade: APP online upgrade
  • Size: 190*.152*94 mm
  • Lifetime: 6–20 hours
  • Number of channels: 12
  • RF power: 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC
  • Frequency hopping: new FHSS frequency hopping
  • Weight: 530g
  • Battery: 10000mA/H
  • Charging interface: TYPE-C
  • Application: helicopter, fixed wing, copter, vehicle and ship
  • Download
  • Skydroid MX450 Quadcopter MANUALSkydroid MX450 CE+FCC
Skydroid MX450 User Manual
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