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SMD V800

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V800 package includes
  1. Security version drone flight case*1

1-1. Fuselage (including engine)*1 (100 km digital transmission, 100 km image transmission, GPS, digital transmission + image transmission antenna)

1-2. Left wing*1-(including steering gear, motor, folding parts)

1-3. Right wing*1-(including steering gear, motor, folding parts)

1-4. Left tail*1-(including steering gear)

1-5. Right tail *1- (including steering gear)

1-6. Power battery*1- (2 batteries per set)

1-7. Manual package*1-(manual, packing list, certificate)

1-8. Tool bag*1-(including screwdriver set, etc.)

Important notice: This drone only includes the above accessories, if you need Ready-to-Fly SMD drone or other accessories from No. 2 to 4 from detail picture, you will need to contact us for the inquiry. Thank you.

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SMD V800

Equipping with 300L of ultra-large cargo cabin, V800 is a great hybrid transport UAV to carry more emergency materials in urgent need. It possesses 10h of endurance, and can practically fly 4.5h with 50kg payload. When under maximum cruising speed of 120km/h, V800 can deliver cargo to 540km far away. Besides, V800 can carry out long time surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection and long range logistics mission.

  • Break through the technology. Be leading in China. V800 is the first VTOL UAV with 12h of endurance + 50kg of ultra-high payload in China.
  • Equipped with 300L.of ultra-large mission cabin. Independent design of mission cabin, enable the volume to 300L and the payload to 50kq.
  • Possess with flexible configuration. Deployed with visible light camera, infrared thermal imager and laser rangefinder to meet various application scenarios.

Break the site’s limit

  • Vertical take-off and landing. Easily controlling the special geographical environment, such as mountains, plains, fields and oceans.

Break the efficiency limit

  • 10h super-long endurance+300Lsuper-largespace mission cab into meet more application requirements, such as long-distance logistics and transportation.

Modular agile design

  • Modular rapid disassembly and assembly can realize quick operation within 15 min, and can carry customized pods.
Technical Parameter
Overall Size: 8200*3650*1042mm Operating Temperature: -20~60C
Cruise Speed: 100~120km/h Standard Takeoff Weight: 170kg
Tank Capacity: 50L Full-load Takeoff Weight: 230kg
Max. Endurance with Full Load: 4.5h@50kg Max. Payload: 50kg
Max. Endurance with No Load: 10h Wind Resistance: For Cruise Mode, Level 6/For VTOL, Level4

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SMD V800 - SMD V800SMD V800 3 - SMD V800Important notice: This drone only includes No. 1 accessories, if you need Ready-to-Fly SMD drone or other accessories from No. 2 to 4 from picture below, you will need to contact us for the inquiry. Thank you.

SMD V800 5 - SMD V800

Weight 1050 kg


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Wing Span (mm):5200 Dimension (mm):8200*3650*1042 Material:Kevlar, Fiberglass Fabric, composite material, Carbon Fiber, PVC etc. Suggested Payload (Excluding battey /Fuel):50kgs MTOW/Max flight Speed/Max Voyage/Max flight altitude :230kgs/120km/h/1200KM/5500m(Max.)  
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