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Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone


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Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone – Ultra-miniature Drone

The Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone is a kind of ultra-miniature reconnaissance equipment. Its 50-gram body integrates multiple functions such as image, obstacle avoidance, self-stabilization, navigation, control, and transmission. Black thorn is equipped with a data link up to 2.5 kilometers, which ensures beyond-the-line-of-sight measurement and control and anti-interference transmission. The five characteristics of silence, compactness, concealment, flexibility, and intelligent perception make it an excellent weapon for urban combat and closed environment reconnaissance.

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Features of Black Thorn Micro Drone

  • Silence
  • Concealment
  • Intelligent
  • Flexibility
  • Passability
  • Beyond visual distance


This is a silent micro drone using an ultra-miniature brushless motor directly drive, innovative noise reduction design, the noise level is lower than 50dB at a distance of 3 meters, with no sense of an urban environment


Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone key-level front visual reflective surface, matte coating, easily blends into the background at a distance of 10 meters.


It is an intelligent micro drone that has six functions outdoor autonomous cruise, intelligent obstacle avoidance, pointing flight, fixed-point hovering, one-button return, and multimode recording.


Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone is a flexible micro drone supports pocket-level portability, all-terrain takeoff and landing, and handheld takeoff and landing, and takes off in seconds


The Skydroid Black Thorn Micro Drone is able to pass through spaces with a minimum diameter of 20 cm

Beyond visual distance

The Skydroid Black Thorn is a micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) a three-in-one ultra-strong micro-link, good electromagnetic environment reading and commanding distance over 2.5 kilometers: diffraction ability in closed space exceeds 3 brick walls

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 12 cm


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