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Helio Quadcopter ZF680

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Package Included:
Helio Quadcopter ZF680 *1
Intelligent all-in-one earth station remote control *1
Battery *1
Recharger *1
Ground station *1
14x tri-axis zoom camera *1
Intelligent voice system *1

Helio Quadcopter ZF680

The Helio Quadcopter ZF680 can support custom finishes and functions. It can be used for firefighting, rescue, lighting, airdrop, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and transportation. It is lightweight designed and cover 1 SQM operating area by one battery. It has 20km image transmission, 80 minutes endurance, ultra-long distance link, FPV view, and super scalability. The ground station is optimized based on QGC technology. It can control the aircraft for intelligent waypoint planning, auto-execution, auto-following and one-click home in better interactive interface and larger map view. It is a significant improvement for the efficiency of professional field tasks.

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Helio Quadcopter ZF680 Specification

Symmetrical motor axis distance: 680 mm Dimension: 680 mm x 680 mm x 200 mm (unfolded) Propeller size:  16×5 inch
Maximum ascent speed: 5 m/s Maximum descent speed: 2 m/s
Flight speed:
Positioning mode: 5m/s Sports mode: 8m/s Attitude mode: 20m/s
Max. tilt angle
Positioning mode: 30° Sports mode: 30° Attitude mode: 30°
Maximum rotational angular speed: 120°/s Maximum rotation angle: 360° Maximum withstand wind speed: level 6
Maximum load: 1.5KG Maximum takeoff weight: ≥5KG Flight time: ≥80 minutes (no load)
Charging time: 40 minutes Operating ambient temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ Flight altitude: ≥5000m
Flight humidity: <90% Flight altitude: ≥2000m
Flight mode:
Manual Automatic Fixed height
Fixed point Sports Attitude
Satellite positioning module: GPS/GLONASS or BDSS/GLONASS dual mode GPS BDSS triple mode
Hovering accuracy:
Vertical: ±2.5 m (when GPS positioning is working properly)
Horizontal: ±2.5 m (GPS positioning normal operation) Protection class: IP56, can fly in medium rain weather
Fuselage material: carbon fiber material, light weight, high strength, with anti-corrosion. Control mode: APP ground station / remote control
Flight lights: 6, can distinguish the head and tail of the aircraft
Operation time: transport state to flight state ≤ 1 minute (2 people)
Mission load: can provide a variety of interfaces, while mounting a variety of mission loads
Security system: with identification, secret key flight, background data supervision.
Control: The aircraft can switch between different control stations at any time during flight or hovering moments, and it can work normally.
Intelligent all-in-one earth station remote control
Screen size: 7.5 inches HD high brightness (clearly visible in the sun) with touch function
Resolution / width: 1920 * 1080 1000nlts Memory: RAM: 4G, ROM: 16G System: Android 5.1
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz dual frequency
Maximum control distance: 10KM (in the open without interference)
Built-in battery: 7.4 V10000mAh Lipo 2S
Video output interface: HDMI video suspension Support QGC Support wireless RTSP video share
Other interfaces: SDK and protocol documentation
Data return: Reserved TX RX return flight
Data Transmit antenna: Dual antenna, long-distance link
Remote control type: All(digital/map/transmission) in one
One control more aircrafts: support one control five machines utmost
Display type: support multi-screen display (video window, ground station window at the same time)
Data sharing: can wirelessly share data to the command hall (computer or TV)
Transmission mode: support 4G-2.4G-WIFI and wired transmission
Other expansion: support for extended range devices
Voltage: 22.2V Capacity: 10000mAh Battery Type: LiHV 6S
Discharge rate: 25C Energy: 1240Wh Operating ambient temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
AC input: 200-240V Charging power: 300W Discharge power: 50W
Charging current range: 1.0-10.0A Discharge current: 2.0A Balance current: 1.0-1.5A/section
Rechargeable battery type: Li-ion battery (LiPo)/Lithium High Voltage (LiHV) Number of lithium batteries: 6
Charging mode:
fast charging precision charging battery storage
Ground station
Support touch screen Support multi-window opening Support multi-map switching
Support multiple windows opening together
preset waypoints and route missions, and edit route and waypoint missions in real time.
APP ground station can view aircraft flight status image video voltage satellite coordinates altitude speed distance mission route in real time。
600 waypoints flight mission can be set, automatic photo and video in the route. Automatic drop, route flight, one key takeoff, one key landing, autonomous cruise, low pressure return, loss of control return, electronic fence, etc. The drone will automatically return and land in unexpected situations such as low voltage, excessive vibration of aircraft attitude, loss of signal, penalty fence, etc.
support the original way back, near landing, hovering in place, climbing back and other safety protection.
No-fly zone can be set to delete manually, and the no-fly zone can be set to any irregular shape such as circle or triangle.
14x tri-axis zoom camera
Material: aluminum alloy Operating temperature: -25℃ to 70℃ Stabilization axis number: 3 axis
Operating voltage: 24V Angle jitter: ± 0.03°
Control signal: PWM SBUS serial communication
Mode setting: direction lock, heading follow, camera facing down
File storage: SD card (256G)
Video output interface: mico-HDMI HD output
Video output resolution: 1080P
Sensor: CMOS: 1/2.3 12.7 million effective pixels Focal length: 24-720mm
Optical zoom: 14x Focus mode: automatic Image resolution: 4896X3672
Image format: JPEG Working mode: Photo/Video
Intelligent voice system
Operating voltage: 24V Power: 80W Sound decibel: 100
Sound transmission distance: ≥ 300 meters Signal reception distance: ≥ 3KM
Handheld ground end: walkie-talkie mode Air end: shout in real time

Helio Quardcopter ZF680 detail 1 - Helio Quadcopter ZF680 Helio Quardcopter ZF680 detail 2 - Helio Quadcopter ZF680 Helio Quardcopter ZF680 detail 3 - Helio Quadcopter ZF680 Helio Quardcopter ZF680 detail 4 - Helio Quadcopter ZF680For other drone accessories, please visit our StoreWatch more about products on our YouTube.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 35 cm

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