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SIYI N7 Flight Controller

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SIYI N7 Flight Controller

The SIYI N7 flight controller is equipped with the H7 double-precision floating-point unit processor. It adopts built-in dual IMU redundancy and internal shock absorption structure design, which endows the aircraft with high reliability. The N7 flight controller is compatible with both Ardupilot and PX4 open-source ecosystems to achieve abundant application scenarios and provide stable and comprehensive systematic solutions for enthusiasts and industry application explorers of drones, unmanned vehicles and ships, and smart robots.

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SIYI N7 Flight Controller Main Features

  • H7 Double-precision Floating-point Unit Processor
  • High-performance and low-noise automotive-grade IMU
  • IMU Dual Redundancy
  • Magnetometer Dual Redundancy
  • Internal Shock Absorption Structure
  • Compatible with Ardupilot and PX4 Ecosystem

Systematic Solution 

The SIYI N7 flight control system supports a series of feature-rich SIYI products and open-source ecosystem products to easily meet different application requirements. Combine high-performance firmware and software including PX4, ArduPilot, QGroundControl, and Mission Planner to support a wide range of application scenarios and provide users with powerful systematic solutions. At the same time, it lowers barriers to use, provides developers with a complete development platform, and facilitates application development.

IMU Thermostatic Control 

The internal shock-absorbing structure design of the N7 flight control can meet the working requirements of multiple models. Built-in dual IMU redundancy design, GPS module magnetometer, and flight control board magnetometer dual redundancy design, built-in heating resistors to ensure that the flight control IMU can still work at a constant temperature in low-temperature environments, and the systematic comprehensive design greatly improves flight stability and reliability.

H7 Double Precision Floating Point Unit Processor 

The N7 flight controller is equipped with a STM32H743IIK6 processor, equipped with a double-precision floating-point unit (DSP & FPU), up to 480 MHz main frequency, 2 MB flash memory, and 1 MB memory, bringing powerful computing capabilities, high-speed data processing capabilities, significantly improving flight stability, and creating a broader space for functional development.

Optional RTK and PPK for High-Precision Application Scenarios

Unmanned vehicle builders and developers can choose compatible RTK and PPK to achieve centimeter-level positioning for applications that require high-precision positioning, such as surveying and mapping and agriculture spraying. SIYI RTK and PPK can adapt to complex magnetic field environments, and support GPS direction-finding function, no longer troubled by magnetic compass interference.

Abundant Interface 

  2. TELEM 1
  3. TELEM 4 I2CB
  4. USB
  5. SERIAL 6
  7. AUX OUT
  8. RC IN
  9. SD CARD
  10. CAN
  11. I2CA

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N7 Autopilot GPS Combo, N7 Autopilot Basic Combo


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