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JIYI P3 Flight Controller

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JIYI P3 flight controller * 1
GPS * 1
LED * 1
PMU * 1

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JIYI P3 Flight Controller

JIYI P3 flight control system is specially designed for small multi-rotors such as model aircrafts, power line inspection aircrafts, education and training aircrafts, etc. Contains the main controller, LED module, power management module (PMU) and a GPS module. It integrates Jiyi’s intelligent algorithms which were developed for many years and adds a variety of flight modes, which is stable, safe and reliable.

Support More Peripherals

  • Digital image remote control
  • 4G image transmission
  • Ground Defense Radar
  • Obstacle Avoidance Radar
  • RTK
  • CANHUB Extended interface module

More Application Scenarios

  • Fire fighting drone
  • Surveillance drone
  • Education and training

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JIYI P3 Flight Control detail 2 - JIYI P3 Flight Controller JIYI P3 Flight Control detail 1 e1678071843859 - JIYI P3 Flight Controller JIYI P3 Flight Control detail 3 - JIYI P3 Flight Controller JIYI P3 Flight Control detail 1 - JIYI P3 Flight Controller

P3 Flight Controller Parameters

Supported frame types I4, X4 quadrotor
IY6, Y6, I6, V6 hexacopter
V8, I8, X8, IX8 octocopter
Recommended battery types 4S-12S LIPO battery
Supported receiver type SBUS receiver
Support peripherals K-BOX, RTK, obstacle avoidance radar, terrain following radar
integrated remote transmitter, FPV camera, binocular vision sensor
System requirements for assistant software Windows 7 /8 /10 (32 or 64 bit)
Hover accuracy Horizontal ±1.5 m, Vertical ±0.5 m
Maximum tilt angle 30°
Maximum yaw speed 150°/s
Maximum vertical speed 6 m/s
Maximum wind resistance Continued wind Level 4, Gust Level 5
Power dissipation <5W
Working temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature -25℃~60℃
Operating voltage range FC 4.8V-5.3V
GPS、Beidou 5V
Colour Black
Weight Total net weight 114g (excluding accessories)
FC 55g
GPS 45g
LED 14g
Size FC 57.0 × 36.0 × 22.0 mm
GPS Φ62.0 × 14.3 mm
LED 24.0 × 24.0 × 8.0 mm
Whole box weight 484g
Whole box size 256 x 176 x 55 mm


Advantages of The JIYI Flight Controller:

Powerful Performance: The JIYI Flight Controller is equipped with a high-performance processor that ensures fast data processing and stable operation. It effectively handles complex flight tasks while providing precise attitude control and flight stability. Multiple Flight Modes: The P3 Flight Management system supports various flight modes, including Manual Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, Position Hold Mode, and Auto Return Mode. This versatility makes it suitable for different flight needs and applications. High-Precision Navigation System: With its high-precision navigation system, including GPS, compass, and barometer sensors, the P3 Flight Controller for drones delivers accurate position and attitude information. This enables precise navigation and positioning during flights. Reliable Communication and Remote Control: The P3 Flight Controller ensures stable and reliable communication and remote control capabilities. It employs advanced communication protocols and technologies, enabling seamless data transmission and communication with remote controllers and other devices. Extensive Expansion Interfaces: The P3 Flight Controller provides a wide range of expansion interfaces to connect various external devices and sensors such as cameras, radar systems, and battery-level detectors. This enhances its functionality and allows for greater application flexibility.

In summary, the JIYI P3 Flight Controller stands out for its powerful performance, multiple flight modes, high-precision navigation system, reliable communication and remote control capabilities, and extensive expansion interfaces. It is a reliable, stable, and feature-rich flight controller suitable for a wide range of drone applications in the United States.

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