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Holybro Pixhawk 6C Cable Set

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Package Includes:
  • CAN /12C Splitter
  • 2x PWM Board
  • 5x GHR 1.25mm6 to 6 pin cable ( Power & TELEM )
  • 3x GHR 1.25mm4 to 4 pin cable ( CAN &I2C)
  • 2x GHR 1.25mm10 to 10 pin cable ( PWM )
  • 1x GHR 1.25mm3 to DuPont 2.543 pin cable ( SBUS OUT )
  • 1x GHR 1.25mm5 to DuPont 2.543 pin cable ( RC )
  • 1x SH 1.0mm10 to 10 pin cable ( Debug )
  • 1x Type – c USB cable
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Holybro Pixhawk 6C Cable Set

The Pixhawk 6C Cable Set is a collection of cables specifically designed for use with the Pixhawk 6C flight controller. It includes various types of cables with connectors that are compatible with the Pixhawk 6C, allowing you to connect different peripherals and accessories to the flight controller.

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