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CUAV Airspeed Sensor

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CUAV Airspeed Sensor

This is a digital airspeed sensor kit developed by CUAV. It is recommended to use this airspeed for fixed-wing frames and VTOL drones in plane mode. It is usually used for detecting

stalls and is helpful in windy conditions. Because it requires additional calibration, it may be hard for new users to properly set it up as it may lead to unprecedented behavior unless used


There are two versions of airspeed sensors, both analog and digital (I2C communication). It is possible to calculate the airspeed of an aircraft using the pitot tube by measuring the static

and total air pressures. The placement of the pitot is very important, and it should be installed correctly to be directly in the airstream, and the holes on the pitot should not be covered in

any other way. Pitot is usually mounted on the wing in a setup where the propeller is in the nose so that its environment is not in the flow of air from the propeller. Typically, the sensor

and the pitot both have a static and dynamic port that needs to be connected per the specifications.

If you use your favorite ground station (MissionPlanner, QGroundControl, etc.) to test whether the CUAV Airspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube works properly, You should be able to see the

CUAV Airspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube response. You should be able to see the sensor response if you measure the pressure by blowing into the tube (do not directly blow into it as you

may tear the diaphragm – do it from a 40-50cm distance) or cover it with your finger.

CUAV Airspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube Sensor kit is suitable for PIX, V5+and X7 Version, and V6X Version.

Airspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube 02 - CUAV Airspeed Sensor

Airspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube 01 - CUAV Airspeed SensorAirspeed Sensor with Pitot Tube 03 - CUAV Airspeed Sensor

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Air speed

PIX, V5+and X7 Version, V6X Version


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