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Zubax Babel-Babel

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What’s included:
  • DCD-Mini standard debug cable * 1
  • UCANPHY Micro standard patch cable 1 m * 2
  • Micro USB cable * 1
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Zubax Babel-Babel — all-in-one debugger for robotics & drone development

Zubax Babel-Babel consists of three devices that are assembled on a single PCB: 2x Babel USB-CAN adapters and a Dronecode probe (a generic JTAG/SWD + UART console adapter).

Babel-Babel is connected to the PC with a single USB cable as it contains a built-in USB hub. It provides the following interfaces for connecting to the device under development:

  • CAN 1 (standard UCANPHY Micro connector)
  • CAN 2 (ditto)
  • SWD and UART (Dronecode Debug connector, medium, aka DCD-M)
  • USB (regular USB 2.0 type A connector)

Along with that, all these interfaces are routed to additional PLS connectors (regular 0.1′ single-row pin headers). These connectors may be used for production testing purposes as shown on the image.

Babel-Babel helps firmware developers keep the table clean and unobstructed, as it replaces four USB cables and three different devices with one compact box.

This is an open-hardware product; please find the sources and detailed technical documentation on GitHub at

The cable set (if selected) includes the following items:

  • DCD-Mini standard debug cable, 1 pcs
  • UCANPHY Micro standard patch cable 1 m, 2 pcs
  • Micro USB cable, 1 pcs

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Zubax Babel Babel 1 - Zubax Babel-Babel

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