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Tattu TA3200 Battery Charger

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Tattu TA3200 Smart Drone Charger for UAV Battery

The all new TA3200 is Tattu’s latest member in its premium intelligent Smart charger line, able to charge safely and conveniently Tattu/GensAce Smart batteries like TATTU Plus 1.0 16000mAh compact Smart Battery, as well any other soft pack models ranging from 6S to 14S.

The TA3200 charger features 2 powerful charge channels with its maximum power reaching up to 3200W/60A and recognizes batteries equipped with the DroneCAN protocol standard, therefore keeping primarily safety as well smooth and simple operation as priority.

Additionally, 3 performance optimized charge modes can be activated: fast charging mode,normal charging mode and storage mode for standard LiPo style batteries as well HV battery technology. In normal soft pack operation charge mode, there are three charging current choices being 6A, 16A and 32A with 220V input or 10A, 16A, 22A with 110V input.

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In all modes, while charging you can safely rely on the ability to follow real time parameters on the large LCD display like:

  • Battery State of Charge percentage
  • Current status of charge
  • Battery Voltage
  • Cell Voltage differences
  • Charging current

To increase the charger and battery its operational efficiency and cycle life reliability we have added several smart features like:

  • Powerful internal fan to keep operational temperatures under total control
  • Smart charge software algorithms to improve battery efficiency and therefore cycle life
  • Study protective durable hard case to protect it from shocks and intensive usage
  • High duty gold plated internal charge connectors with dust protection covers
  • Convenient Carry-on handle for comfort placement and transport
  • USB port allows for the latest software updates
  • Multi-lingual instruction manual with detailed information and excellent after-sales service


  • AC Input: 100-240V
  • Max Output Power: AC100-110V 1200W, 220-240 3200W
  • Charge Current: Up to 60A
  • Size: 276x154x216mm
  • Weight: Approximately 6000g
  • Battery Type: 6-14S Smart battery, Normal Soft Pack Lipo Battery
  • Mode: Charging, Storage


TA3200 Detail Page - Tattu TA3200 Battery Charger TA3200 Detail Page1 - Tattu TA3200 Battery Charger

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