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Holybro S500 V2 ARF Kit

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Package Included:
  • 1x PDB – Main Plate
  • 4x Arms
  • 4x ESCs
  • 4x 1045 Propellers
  • 4x 2216 KV920 Motors
  • 1x Set of Landing Gear
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Holybro S500 V2 ARF Kit

The Holybro S500 V2 Kit is affordable, lightweight, simple, easy to assemble, and no soldering required. This is a complete kit that includes almost everything you need to fly. All you will need is a battery and an RC system (optional). It is perfectly compatible with various Holybro Flight Controller such as the Pixhawk6C, Pix32 v6, etc.

This S500 frame composed of mixture of materials. The arms are made of high strength, ultra-durable Polyamide-Nylon composite material reinforced with carbon fiber rod through the center. The landing gear consists of 16 mm & 10 mm diameter carbon fiber tubes connected via plastic tee connectors that has been thickened and strengthened compare to the previous version.

This is an excellent strong and lightweight quadcopter frame with landing gear and 1.5 mm top and bottom plate. The bottom plate also has a power distribution board (PDB) build-in for neat and easy wiring. It also has an adjustable battery mount to achieve the perfect weight distribution. The bottom frame is ready to take a whole host of camera mounts and gimbals making it perfect for various applications.

Assembly of this frame is super simple due to the pre-threaded sleeves for all the frame bolts, so lock nuts are not required. It utilizes one size bolts for the entire build which means you only need one size hex for the assembly.

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S500 V2 ARF Kit Contents:
  • ARM adopts high strength plastics
  • Motors – 2216 KV920( V2 Update)
  • BLHeli S ESC 20A
  • Propeller 1045( V2 Update)
  • Battery Straps
  • Dimensions:383*385*240 mm
  • Wheelbase:480 mm
  • Weight:782g
Recommendation Combination (Not Included):
  • Flight ControllerPixhawk 6C, Pixhawk 6X, Pixhawk 5X, Pixhawk 4, Pixhawk 4 Mini, Durandal, Pix32 V5
  • Power Module – PM02D, PM03D Power Module, PM02 V3,
  • GPS – DroneCAN M8N/M9N GPS, Holybro M8N/M9N GPS, H-RTK M8P/F9P Rover Lite & Helical

Recommended Battery Specification: 4S 5000mAh Lipo
Max payload: 
up to 1kg (Throttle 70% / 4S 5000 mAh battery)

S500 V2 ARF Frame Kit detail - Holybro S500 V2 ARF Kit

Weight 2 kg


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