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HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL

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Swan-K1 Mapping 

  • Swan-K1 Mapping aircraft  * 1
  • set of quick detachable nylon propellers  * 2
  • Radio controller (with HD touch screen) * 1
  • Carry case * 1
  • 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery * 2
  • Power charger * 1
  • Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer * 1
  • Custom 24 Mega pixels SONY camera * 1
  • PPK module * 1
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HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Mapping Drone

The HEQ Drone Swan-K1 Mapping VTOL is a Small VTOL Mapping UAV for surveying and mapping fixed-wing UAV that can take off and land vertically, as well as switch flight modes with one button. Swan K1 Mapping drone adopts no rudder surface control technology, which brings users a minimalist control experience. The most important is it could get a centimeter-accurate Map without GCPs (ground control points), which truly achieves GCPs-free control measurement. Swan-K1 mapping has the advantages of being lightweight, portable, convenient for disassembly and installation, single-person operation, long battery life, etc. advantages. It can be used in surveying and mapping, measurement, remote inspection, power inspection, urban planning, energy projects, and road construction projects, mine surveying and other industries.

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HEQ Swan K1 VTOL Mapping Drone Specifications

Size 75×65×90 mm (including 25 mm lens)
Weight 220g (including lens)
Pixel 24.3 million pixels
Camera frame APS frame
Sensor size 23.5×15.6 mm
Maximum resolution 24MP
Lens mount Sony E mount
Access current 2~7S 10~30V
PPK module
Operating temperature -30~+75℃
GNSS channel 72
Update rate 5Hz
Input voltage 5V
Antenna voltage 3.3V
Average current 25mA
Data storage 16 GB
Data Format RINEX
Antenna interface Mcx
Light Trigger, satellite, storage, power
Horizontal accuracy 2 cm+1ppm
Vertical accuracy 4 cm+1ppm
Work efficiency
Overlap rate 80%×70% Resolution  5/10/20 cm  60 mins flight time
1:500 Flying height 210 m 2-3 square kilometers per flight
1:1000 Flying height  420 m 4-5 square kilometers per flight
1:2000 Flying height  840 m 8-9 square kilometers per flight
Operation accuracy
1:500 Without ground control points Horizontal accuracy≤ 5 cm
Vertical accuracy≤ 5 cm
1:1000 Without ground control points Horizontal accuracy≤ 8 cm
Vertical accuracy≤ 10 cm
1:2000 Without ground control points Horizontal accuracy≤ 15 cm
Vertical accuracy≤ 20 cm

Swan K1 Mapping Spec 01 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Swan K1 Mapping Spec 02 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Swan K1 Mapping Spec 03 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Swan K1 Mapping Spec 04 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Swan K1 Mapping Spec 05 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL Swan K1 Mapping Spec 06 - HEQ Swan K1 Mapping VTOL

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 59 × 20 × 53 cm


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