What is ESC/ BEC/UBEC?

What is ESC BEC UBEC - What is ESC/ BEC/UBEC?

What is ESC/ BEC/UBEC?

ESC (Electronic Speed Control) is a speed control circuit used to control the speed of the motor. For electric remote control model cars. So it is part of the hardware of model airplanes, cars, boats, helicopters and drones. Without ESC we cannot control the speed of the motor. And the motor cannot be directly connected to the receiver. A brushed motor requires a brushless ESC, and a brushless motor requires a brushless ESC.

ESC - What is ESC/ BEC/UBEC?

What are the BEC/UBEC characteristics of ESC? What does it do?

ESCs usually feature BEC or UBEC. BEC (Battery Eliminator Circut) and UBEC (Universal Battery Eliminator Circut); the tasks of these two functions are the same. These are step-down circuits. But it works differently. A BEC circuit is a linear buck. They cost less, but are less efficient. UBEC circuit is a switch (Switch mode) buck. UBEC circuits are more efficient and generate less heat, but cost more. Whether an ESC has a BEC or UBEC has nothing to do with its ability to control engine speed. And it doesn’t determine the quality of the ESC. Because the motor speed control function is independent of the BEC/UBEC function.

Therefore, the working principle of BEC and UBEC is the same. In other words, it reduces the voltage of the battery connected to the ESC to a voltage suitable for the operation of the receiver and servos. Usually, receivers and servos support operating voltages in the range of 5-6V. Some receivers and servos work with 8.4 volts. But most ESC’s BEC/UBEC circuits provide 5 or 5.5V output. But there are exceptions. It is produced in a BEC/UBEC adjustable to 8.4V ESC.

If the ESC does not have BEC/UBEC function (such as photoelectric ESC produced for drones), the receiver and servo are powered by an external power supply. An independent BEC/UBEC circuit or a battery of appropriate voltage can be used as an external power source.

What is ESC/ BEC/UBEC?

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