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T-Motor Q1824

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T-Motor Q1824

Quick-Attach-Detach propeller adapter

It is a mechanical structure for multirotor and VTOL. Fast installation and disassembly, easy portability, small play, precise position;Stable flying, safer operation.

Quick-Attach-Detach Propeller Adapter Q1418 V2 Q1824 V2 Q2434 V2
Propeller Hole Diameter 6mm 6mm 10mm
Propeller 14~18” 18~24”
(Central Hole6mm
Hole Positionl2mm)
(Central Hole10mm
Hole Position20mm)
Motor Shaft Diameter 4/6mm 4/6mm 8/10mm
Motor 35XX-41XX、U3、U5 50XX-60XX、U7、P60 70XX-80XX、U81-U121
Max. Thrust <5kg <13kg <20kg
Weight 12g 20g 40g
MTBF 400h 500h 500h

7075Aluminum,stronger and resilient.
Wave Washer, it softens propeller swing to protect from vibration

Special-shaped groove design Locking plate and Smaller play for better fit.
The secondary press on the locking plate from the screw for more precise position.

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Q1824 1 - T-Motor Q1824 Q1824 2 - T-Motor Q1824 Q1824 5 - T-Motor Q1824 Q1824 3 - T-Motor Q1824 Q1824 4 - T-Motor Q1824 Q1824 6 - T-Motor Q1824

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