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Skydroid H12 Remote Controller


Package Included:
H12 Transmission System
Carry case
R12 Receiver
MINI / MIPI Camera
x2 antenna boots
USB C cable and plug
(Note: Please leave a note to inform us which brand of flight controller you are using, because the telemetry cable is different)

Payment Method - Skydroid H12 Remote Controller

Skydroid H12 Remote Controller for Drone

The Skydroid H12 Long Range Drone Radio System use the newest Qualcomm processor, equipped with an Android embedded system and advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack. Make the image clearer, lower the latency, long distance, stronger anti-infection, whether it is drones, robots, industrial control equipment, etc. can be applied. It can be widely used on agriculture drones, FPV security, fire protection, electric power, surveying and mapping robots, border defense, etc. The Skydroid H12 remote control is using waterproof, dust-free and drop-proof materials and structure, ensures not only feels good, but also durable!

Skydroid H12 long range radio with 5.5 inch high brightness screen is great for RC drones, RC robots, industrial application’s equipment. Skydroid video transmission H12 is a remote controller with video transmission system. With the FHSS spread spectrum technology, the full range of the Skydroid H12 can reach 5 to 30 km.

Skydroid H12 radio system supports digital camera, serial port transparent transmission, sbus, and other richful interfaces, provides development kits, SDK and technical support, supports video suspension, supports mainstream flight control ground station, QGC, and wireless RTSP video streaming sharing. The dual antenna signals complement each other, ultra-high sensitivity, untra-long distance, and advanced frequency hopping algorithms, which greatly increase the weak signal communication capability. While receiving remote control signals, reserved Tx, Rx and return flight data to the ground remote control. Maximize the use of 2.4G wireless bandwidth to solve the shortcomings of instability and non-interference in frequency bands of 433 and 915 in small drones and crowded spaces.

The H12 uses spring centered, hall effect gimbals for smooth control. The radio has a built-in 10000mAh battery which is said to last for 6-20 hours! Above all, the radio comes in a carry case with a receiver and either a single axis gimbal camera or LED basic night vision camera.

Follow us World Drone Market on our YouTube to view more about Skydroid H12 Long Range Radio system.

The new Skydroid H12 Pro is already on the market

Skydroid H12 Telemetry Features:

  • Built in Android smartphone
  • 6-20 hours battery life
  • Comes with receiver and camera
  • Up to 30 km range
  • HD video
  • Comes with a carry case for easy transport
  • Industrial grade radio
  • Perfect for any pilot
  • Easy to set up

Specifications of Skydroid H12 Drone Remote Controller:

  • Brand Name: Skydroid
  • Number of channels: 12
  • Working current: 140mA@5V
  • Working voltage: 4.5-5.5V
  • Size: 51 * 41 * 13mm
  • Weight: 14g
  • Charge Port: Type-C
  • Application: Helicopter, Fixed wing, Copter, Car, boat

Use H12 Tool can quickly switch hand mode, adjust channel forward and reverse, rudder volume, channel binding, out of control protection value, SBUS, PPM output, and data transmission baud rate and other data. The tool provides one-key parameter adjustment function, one-key configuration for different manufacturers and models, and can be called at any time after one-time adjustment and saving. Users can also upgrade firmware over the air through the device helper app.

skydroid h12 transmitter has undergone a lot of optimization based on QGC, a better interactive interface, a larger controllable map field of viewing, the aircraft implements intelligent waypoint planning, automatic execution, automatic follow-up, and one-click home, highly provides working effectiveness in professional fields.

Mini Camera:

  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Weight: 15.6g
  • Working Current: 180mA
  • Dimension: 32.2 * 29.8 * 26.8 mm
  • Resolution and frame rate: 720p@30
  • Working Temperature: 14 to 104 °F(-10°-50°)

MIPI Camera

  • Working current: 140mA
  • Resolution: 640*360
  • Weight: 55g
  • Camera angle: 120°
  • Working voltage: 12-72V
  • Size: 102.1 * 42.6 * 36.5 mm
  • LED light power: 6W

For receiver only, please check Skydroid R12 Receiver (Suitable For H12 / T12).

Skydroid H12 HD Video Transmission System Detail MINI Camera - Skydroid H12 Remote ControllerSkydroid H12 HD Video Transmission System MINI Camera Detail 2 - Skydroid H12 Remote Controller

Weight 1.8 kg

FPV-MINI Camera, FPV-MIPI Camera


Skydroid H12 Manual in PDF

Skydroid H12 certification


Note: The newly purchased H12 does not need to update the Google version

Skydroid H12 update Google version Download link

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  • Quartochi Ham

    The Skydroid H12 controller is good. We have been using it for many years. Compare to H16 or PRO, the price is much better.

    Verified Purchase


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