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Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control

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Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control

Chinowing T40 dual screen ground control station (Intel i7 8565U/10500U) integrating data transmission, video transmission and remote control. The T40 UAV ground station adopts a solid aviation aluminum alloy shell, which is waterproof and dustproof. Suitable for harsh environments.

Double touchscreen with high resolutions and high brightness are installed in a foldable design that can be opened up to 180°. The upper screen is a 13.3″ screen with 1000nit brightness and 1920×1080 resolution. The lower screen is a 12.3″ screen with 1500nit brightness and 1280×800 resolution. There is no problem working with the system under direct sunlight.

The overall weight is only 5.98 kg due to the aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell.

The remote control system has 4 joysticks for use, it also supports traditional RC access for remote control.

Various external input and output ports allow seamless integration with 3rd party data links. HID USB and programmable switches can be set via the software. It is especially suitable for UAV, UGV, USV, Robots, etc.

In addition to 27 physical channels, the T40 includes a Remote Control configuration interface that allows users to assign joysticks, switches, and buttons to specific channels. Its lightweight aluminum alloy shell and 3-in-1 communication capabilities make the T40 a reliable and versatile device.

Chinowing T40 adopts dual SBUS input and output, serial data transmission. All data is transmitted transparently. The LAN port expandable switch can realize 8-way video stream transmission.

It supports the installation of Windows or LINUX operating systems, and most ground control station (GCS) software on the market, including MissionPlanner and QGroundControl, can be installed on it.

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  • Aviation grade aluminum shell, the overall weight only 5.98 kg.
  • Built on Intel-based PC, real industrial-grade GCS
  • Dual touch screens with high definition and brightness and extended touchpad.
  • Video & telemetry & RC & computer in one
  • Dual SBUS output, able to control the drone and the payload simultaneously
  • Compatible with 100% data link in the market.

Chinowing T40 Description

SBUS Dual SBUS Independent Output, HID Input Video System Built-in
Channel 27 Physical Channels Remote Control Latency 30ms
Antenna 4dB Rod Antenna/10dBi Fibre-glass Epoxy Antenna (other Antennas Also Can Be Connected Externally) Sub-Channel Main Joysticks*2 Sub Joysticks*4 Key Button*12 Simulate Keystrokes*7
Remote Control Range 5-20 km RF Power V20:0.1-1W(adjustable) V21:0.1-1W(adjustable) V30:0.1-1W(adjustable)
Frequency 800MHZ/902-920MHZ 1.4Ghz/2.3Ghz/2.4GHz/2.5GHz Battery Capacity 16.8V/13600mAh(external Battery Also Supported)
High Light dual screen UAV ground control system

UAV Ground Control System 5.98 kg

Intel I7 8565U UAV ground control stations

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Chinowing T40 Dual Screen GCS 1 - Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control Chinowing T40 Dual Screen GCS 2 - Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control Chinowing T40 Dual Screen GCS 3 - Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control Chinowing T40 Dual Screen GCS 4 - Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control Chinowing T40 Dual Screen GCS 5 - Chinowing T40 Dual Screen Ground Control

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T40V31 Plus, T40V31-20KM, T40V31-80KM, T40V31PRO


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SBUS Dual SBUS independent output, HID input, able to control the vehicle and the payload simultaneously Screen 13.3inch 1920*1080 1000CCD(Top screen) 12.1inch 1280*800 1500CCD(bottom screen)
Video system Built-in Touch panel Capacitive 10-finger multi-touch display
Channel 27 physical channels CPU Intel i7 8565U(standard)/Intel 10500U(upgrade for future)
Remote control latency 30ms ROM 8GB
Antenna 4dBi rod antenna/10dBi fiber-glass epoxy antenna (other antennas also can be connected externally) Storage 256GB
Sub-Channel Main joystick*2 (industrial joysticks with hall sensors) Sub joysticks*4 Key button*12 Simulate keystrokes*7 Auxiliary rocker*4 System Win7/Win10/Linux
Remote control range 5 km-20 km Network WIFI, Bluetooth(standard)/4G(optional)
RF power V20:0.1-1w(adjustable) V21:0.1-1w(adjustable) V30:0.1-1w(adjustable) External interface USB3.0,LAN,HDMI in,VGA out,Hi-fi
Frequency 800MHZ/902-920MHZ 1.4Ghz/2.3Ghz/2.4Ghz/2.5Ghz Serial port RS232*3,SBUS out/in
Battery capacity 16.8V/13600mAh(external battery also supported) Power supply interface DC16.8V
Endurance 3 hours Operation temperature -20~+60℃
Communication system V30(10 km grade) V21(10 km grade) Supporting the 3rd party communication Dimension 354mmL*280mmW*80mmH
Function Control system, Mission planning, Video Review Overall weight 5980g
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