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NAGA X8 Quadcopter

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Default color of the drone is Golden Grey
NAGA drone can be customized if you have different requirements.
Please contact us for customizations.

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NAGA X8 Quadcopter Industrial Drone

NAGA X8 Coaxial Drone combines a rugged folding design and multiple reconfigurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications, such as mapping, inspection and delivery.

The highlight of the co-axial design is to effectively increase the load capacity while keeping the drone size small. And if one motor or propeller stops running, the whole octocopter system will not be affected, which is still able to land safely. Compare to NAGA X4, the X8 has stronger power so that it can have a heavier payload.

There are 5 options that can be chosen for NAGA UAV, including RTF combo, delivery combo, standard mapping combo, 3D mapping combo, and inspection combo, meeting the requirements of different tasks. What makes the inspection combo special is that it has a quick-detach adapter.

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What can the NAGA Quadcopter X8 Drone do?

Standard solutions: mapping, inspection, surveillance, delivery (less than 8 kg), etc.
Customized solutions: For example, you can install 4G modules, coprocessors, and dedicated sensors or devices on the NAGA X8 for different applications.

NAGA Drone Pro Compatible Payloads:

  • Delivery box with 5KG max payload
  • 14x 4K Camera for inspection
  • SONY A7R2 for orthophotography
  • 120MP 5P Camera for 3D Mapping/orthophotography

Main NAGA X8 Quadcopter Features:

  • NAGA Pro UAV forged from a combination of carbon fiber, PCB and CNC, allowing flight mission under a wide temperature range of -20℃-55℃.
  • High&low arm design makes the drone accelerate rather quickly. Thanks to its folding arms, NAGA X8 UAV is very convenient to transport
  • Navigation light system is helpful in various situations
  • Landing gear is adjustable so that different types of equipment can be mounted
  • Dual-battery system ensures longer flight time, which boosts up to 75 minutes without payload and 35 minutes with 5 kg payload
  • A set of built-in antenna shields from dust and moist.
  • Self-locking propellers spare the need for tools to mount.
  • Under circumstances when ZHT NAGA X8 is in low voltage status or loss of signal, Return to Launch failsafe will be automatically triggered to save the day.
  • Plan the flight path that can be saved for future mission on either the large 5.5″ screen displays a multitude of control options such, or on MissionPlanner/PC after linking herelink with PC through Wi-Fi /USB, drone flying becomes programmable and as simple as anyone can master. Alternatively, Herelink also serves as a streaming media server that delivers video and data among team members on their devices like an iPad, mobile phone or PC, allowing a simultaneous team participation in the mission.
  • Customization service is available to suit users’ demands
NAGA X8 Industrial Drone Specification
Version NAGA X8 Coaxial Octocopter Battery-powered Version UAV
Color Steel Gray
Material Carbon Fiber, CNC, PCB
Control Range 20 km
Diagonal Wheelbase 815 mm
Unfolded Dimensions 650 mm*645 mm*492 mm (excluding propellers/landing gears)
Folded Dimensions 400 mm*200 mm*900 mm(excluding propellers/landing gears)
Empty Weight 3.9 kg (including battery)
Max Take-off Weight 18 kg
Hovering Precision Vertical±0.2 m; Horizontal±0.1 m (no RTK)
Horizontal Positioning Accuracy 0.01 m+1ppm CEP(RTK)
Flight Time 75 min (no payload) 35 min (5KG payload)  15 min (8KG payload)
Max Speed 20 m/s
Max Lifting Speed 2.5 m/s
Max Descent Speed 2 m/s
Max Angle of Pitch 25°
Wind Resistance 14 m/s
Service Ceiling 5500 m
Propeller 22*8 inch
Working Temperature -20℃-55℃

NAGA X8 Detail Page 1 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 9 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 183 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 84 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 5 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 86 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 87 - NAGA X8 QuadcopterNAGA X8 Detail Page 8 - NAGA X8 Quadcopter

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 65.8 × 50 × 43.8 cm
Remote Control

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