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Mauch PL-200 Sensor board 2x 15cm

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Mauch PL-200 Drone Sensor board 2x 15cm

Mauch PL-200 Sensor board 2x 15cm is a 200A – Current / Voltage measurement sensor board, based on Allegro Hall Sensor ACS758-200U. Voltage range is up to 20S (85V) with solder bridge open and up to 7S (30V) with solder bridge closed. Please check the manual page for more details. This Mauch Sensor board connects directly to any Premium-Line BEC or Sensor Hub X2-V2. Connected to the sensor are 2x15cm AWG8 wire (red) as a standard.

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REM: The connector is Molex / Click-Mate / 1.25mm / 4p (5023800400)

Without CFK enclosure = 27.5 x 19.5 x 10.5mm / 39g (with 2x 15cm 8AWG)

With CFK enclosure = 43.5 x 23.0 x 15mm / 44g (with 2x 15cm 8AWG)

Delivery in PP box: 88 x 60 x 20mm / 59g

Delivery without sensor cable (comes with the BEC’s), with CFK enclosure

REM: If you want to use your own BEC, then please order a sensor cable (040) and ensure that the supplied voltage is within 4.95-5.05V.

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pl mauch 1 1 - Mauch PL-200 Sensor board 2x 15cm

There are several factors to consider when choosing a drone sensor board

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the sensor board is compatible with your drone’s flight controller or autopilot system. Check the specifications and compatibility information provided by the manufacturer to ensure seamless integration.
  2. Sensor Type: Determine the specific sensors you require for your drone’s intended use. Common sensors include GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, barometers, and optical flow sensors. Consider the specific functionalities and data requirements of your drone and select a sensor board that includes the necessary sensors.
  3. Accuracy and Precision: Evaluate the accuracy and precision of the sensor board’s sensors. Look for specifications such as resolution, sensitivity, and error margins to ensure that the sensor board can provide accurate and reliable data for your drone’s navigation and control.
  4. Sampling Rate: Consider the sampling rate or data update rate of the sensor board. Higher sampling rates allow for more frequent and precise data acquisition, which can be crucial for tasks such as stabilization and real-time control.
  5. Communication Interface: Check the communication interfaces supported by the sensor board and ensure compatibility with your drone’s flight controller or autopilot system. Common interfaces include I2C, SPI, UART, and CAN bus. The sensor board should be able to communicate seamlessly with your drone’s onboard systems.
  6. Size and Weight: Consider the size and weight of the sensor board, especially if you have strict weight limitations or limited space on your drone. Opt for a sensor board that is compact and lightweight without compromising on functionality and performance.
  7. Reliability and Durability: Look for a sensor board that is built with high-quality components and has a reputation for reliability and durability. Drones often operate in challenging environments, so the sensor board should be able to withstand vibrations, temperature variations, and other environmental factors.
  8. Price: Consider your budget and compare the prices of different sensor boards. However, prioritize the quality, functionality, and compatibility of the sensor board over cost alone.


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