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Hobbywing XRotor 3090 Propeller

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Hobbywing XRotor 3090 Propeller

Accessory parts for XRotor Pro X8

Each Prop Set includes 2 pcs of Props and 1 Adaptor (As displayed on photo)
Parts can not be purchased separately.

P/n  Title
1 set of 3090 Propeller (CW)
1 set of 3090 Propeller (CCW)

X8 series is designed for Agricultural applicationor logistics transportation at farmland. Agricultural UAV features high thrust, heavy loaded, good anticorrosive and antirust performance. Due to heavy motor/ESC, its thrust effect is lower compared to aerial photography UAV. It focuses on the durability and long term reliability. In contrast, Aerial photography UAV features a high thrust effect. It requests highly on reliability and stability than plant protection UAV.  Due to lightweight motor / ESC, it is not recommended to use it in a server / harsh environment.

High lift, high efficiency propeller

The Hobbywing XRotor 3090 Propeller is injection molded from high-strength special carbon fiber materials. It is strong and has a lightweight paddle body to provide good consistency and superior dynamic balance characteristics. The aerodynamic shape optimized by experts, together with the electromagnetic design of the motor optimized for the propeller, and the efficient FOC (field-oriented control, commonly known as sine wave drive) algorithm, makes the entire power system
advantages in lift and force efficiency.

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Hobbywing XRotor 3090 Propeller - Hobbywing XRotor 3090 Propeller


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