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Chinowing D02 Telemetry RC Link

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D02 Telemetry RC Link

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Chinowing D02 Telemetry RC Link

Chinowing D02 Telemetry RC Link is a data link in the 900MHz frequency band, and the transmission range can reach 30km. It supports point-to-point, reply,point to multipoint communication. With the compact size, high integration, high sensitivity,D02 is ideal for aerial service.

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  • Double USB port,TTL/232
  • Parameter setting software
  • Developed based on P900/P840/HP840
  • 30KM transmission range
  • Point to point,relay,point to multipoint
  • High speed frequency hopping
Product Details

The D02 Radio Digital Transmitter is a cutting-edge device with an ultra-long transmission range, offering point-to-point, relay, and point-to-multiple device capabilities. On the transmitter side, users can choose between TTL or RS232 level for transmission. Additionally, the device comes equipped with universal parameter adjustment software, ensuring user-friendly and convenient operation on PC. This high-performance transmitter opens up a wide range of possibilities for reliable and efficient data transmission in various applications.

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The D03 Multi-Link Data Transmission excels in integrated integration, providing low latency, low power consumption, high interference immunity, and the ability to achieve ultra-long distances for data transmission. These features make it a reliable and efficient choice for various applications, ensuring seamless data transmission, minimal delays, extended operational periods, and excellent performance even in challenging and noisy environments.

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D02 Data link
Modulation hopping Frequency hopping Baud rate 9600bps-230400bps
Forwarding error Hamming/BCH/Golay/Reed-solomon Wireless Link Rate 276kbps max
Error detection 32 bits of CRC ARQ power supply voltage ground unit:5.0V airborne unit:7.4v-24v
Encryption Optional(See-AES option) Antenna interface SMA
Output power 100mW--1w (20-30dBm) Data interface GH1.25--4P&USB Type-c
Transmission range 30-60km Dimension 62mm*40mm*13mm
3.3V CMOS TTL(RS232 optional) Weight 40g(exclude antennas)
sensitivity -110dBM@115.2kbps -108dBm@172.8kbps -107dBm@230.4kbps Operating temperature -20-85℃
transmission protocol Transparent transmission
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