H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial

H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial

一、Install brushing software

Download all the flash files to your computer and do not put the unzipped package in CDRIVE! ! ! !You can put it on D, F, or E, but don’t put it on C drive.and unzip.open file QPST_2.7.496,double click QPST.2.7.496.1.exe,Install the brush tool(W7The system may need to be opened as an administrator)。

1.Click Next,
2.Click I accept the terms in the license agreement(I agree),点击Next
3.Select the installation directory, install on the C drive and click Next。
4.default Complete(Install all),Click Next
6.Click Instal lWait for installation to complete
7.Click Finish The installation is complete.

install driver:1.Open QPST_2.7.496 folder 2.Open Driver3.Double-click to open the installation driver Qualcomm USB Driver V1.0.exe
8.Click Start on your computer,Find and open the folder QPST,Click QFIL.

1.Click on picture 1(1)Flat build ,2.Click(2)Browse,Find the previously decompressed file on the pop-up page and open it.D:\H12PRO\H12Pro_20230610谷歌\H12Pro_20230610谷歌\prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr.mbn Click to open。
3.Click(3)Load XML,Choose the first item on the pop-up page rawprogram_unsparse.xml〉Open,Page selection pops up again patch0.xml(Double click directly)

H12PRO latest brush description 1 - H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial


As picture below


H12PRO latest brush description 2 - H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial

二、Remote control into the brush mode, brush

1.Plug one end of the USB port of the data cable into the computer first, and the remote control is turned off ,Press and hold down the A + B button and do not release. At this time, insert the data cable into the Type-C port of the remote control and wait for 2 seconds to release the AB button.
2.Click on picture 1 to refresh the software(4)SelectPort,Show the image below:


H12PRO latest brush description 3 - H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial

If the device is displayed on the page above, it means the device is successfully connected.,Click OK。(If it does not display, repeat the above step 1 to reconnect the computer, or replace the computer USB port,Type-c Line)
3.Click on picture 1(5)Download Start brushing,Wait for the brush to finish。

H12PRO latest brush description 4 - H12/H12 PRO brush Google Tutorial

4.Appear Download Succeed Indicates that the machine is successfully swiped,Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to restart the remote control. Brush finish.

The H12 uses the firmware that Google wants

The H12PRO uses the firmware that Google wants



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