Design Ideas of NAGA Series Drones

Design Ideas of NAGA Series Drones

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NAGA Series Drones combines a rugged folding design and multiple configurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications, such as mapping, inspection and delivery.

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Integrated power module and plugs

5V, 12V, and 24V power modules, and the optocoupler are integrated into the PCB board


  • Weight reduction
  • No short circuit anymore
  • Convenient for secondary development
NAGA PCB - Design Ideas of NAGA Series Drones
Strong Arms Design

Arms Features:

  • Foldable arms
  • No space between the body and arms
  • Spring lock for fixing arms

The Advantages:

  1. No need to remove and install the arms again and again, which can save a lot of time for customers
  2. It can ensure that the arms will not loose due to the vibration of the motors
  3. The design can help increase the service life of the drone
Vibration-Damping and Quick-Release Design
  • The vibration damper is inside the drone, this design makes the drone looks more beautiful
  • Regarding the quick release design, the quick release accessory is suitable for all kinds of devices, such as gimbal cameras, Lidar, multispectral cameras, delivery boxes, electric winch, etc. So that customers can buy one drone to do different jobs, such as surveying and mapping, delivery, inspection, etc.
Self-Developed ESC

The weight of our ESC is only 29.4g, which is 100g lighter than the ordinary ESCs.

NAGA Drone ESC - Design Ideas of NAGA Series Drones
Fluid Dynamics Body Design & Ventilated and Waterproof Design


  1. The fluid dynamics body design can reduce wind resistance, extend flight time and increase the flight speed,
  2. All the vents are downward, which achieves effective ventilation and is waterproof at the same time

So the wind resistance of NAGA can reach 16 m/s, the flight time is 90 min (no payload), the flight speed can reach 30 m/s and the protection rate can reach IP55.

High energy density batteries


Model Capacity Voltage Weight Size
ZHT-14 14000mAh 14S 725Wh 51.8V 2.8kg 23.8x9x7.8cm
ZHT-28 28800mAh 7S 725Wh 25.9V 2.8kg 23.2x9x7.3cm


  • High energy density, small size, lightweight
  • The ABS can protect the batteries
Convenient Installation
  • NAGA X4: All accessories (propellers, landing gears, and payloads) are quick-detachable
  • NAGA X8: All parts are foldable, customers can use them directly after taking them out of the box
Easier to Carry
  • NAGA X4 UAV box can put the following items: an RTF drone, a remote controller, a small payload, a charger, and three batteries. So carrying a NAGA X4 case can fly more than three flights.
  • NAGA X8 UAV box can put the following items: an RTF drone, a remote controller, a small payload, a charger, and four batteries. So carrying a NAGA X8 case can fly more than two flights.
Our Services
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Free technique support: we can help clients solve all the solution problems and some basic problems, including how to take off, how to use the remote controller and how to set routes etc.
  • Live online demonstration
  • Customization
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