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CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

CUAV’s CAN/DroneCAN PMU is a drone power management module with built-in STM32F4 processor running CUAV’s ITT compensation algorithm to accurately measure the voltage and current of the drone’s battery. It supports 6~62V voltage input, and the POWER output port can output 5V/ 8A. It uses advanced CAN bus communication and supports the standard DroneCAN protocol. Each PMU is factory calibrated to ensure good consistency and high accuracy.

can pmu 300x300 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual


  • Processor: STM32F412
  • Voltage Input: 6~62V (2S-15S)
  • Max Current: 110A
  • Voltage Accuracy: ±0.05V
  • Current Accuracy: ±0.1A
  • Resolution: 0.01A/V
  • Max Output Power: 6000W for 90s
  • Max Continuous Power: 5000W
  • Power Port Output: 5.4V/5A
  • Protocol: DroneCAN
  • Operating Temp: -20~+100℃
  • Supports firmware upgrade
  • No calibration required

Connector Types:

    • 8mm female bullet power connectors (XT-90 battery and ESC cables provided)
    • Autopilot Power: Molex 6 pin 1.5mm #5025850670 (CUAV V5 cable provided)
    • CAN: 4 pin JST-GH (cable provided)

Physical Dimensions:

    • Size:46.5mm * 38.5mm * 22.5mm
    • Weight:76g

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  • Please read the product manual carefully.
  • Please check the connection carefully before connecting the battery
  • Please use at rated voltage, current and power
  • Please read the documentation center for configuration and use
  • Do not disassemble


can pmu pinouts - CUAV CAN PMU User Manualcan pmu pinouts 1 1 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

Connecting to the Systemcan pmu connection en - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Connect the autopilot’s DroneCAN port the module’s CAN interface.
  • Using a CUAV V5 series power cable, connect the module’s Power interface to one of the V5 Autopilot’s power interfaces.

CAN PMU Connect X7 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Connect the flight control CAN1/2 and the module CAN interface.
  • Connect the X7 series power cable to the X7 Flight Control Power2 (if other flight controllers are connect to the Power interface) and the module Power interface.

ArduPilot firmware (flight controller firmware)

Set the following parameters in the Mission planner’s full parameter list and restart after writing:

  • CAN_P1_DRIVER to 1 if attached to CAN bus1 port or CAN_P2_DRIVER to 1 if attached to CAN bus2 port
  • BATT_MONITOR or to 8 enable a DroneCAN battery monitor on the appropriate battery monitor port.BATT_MONITORx

mp set - CUAV CAN PMU User ManualNote:Please use Copter 3.6/Plane 3.9/Rover 3.5 firmware versions or higher.

PX4 firmware (flight controller firmware)

Set the following parameters in the QGroundControl parameter list and then restart:

UAVCAN_ENABLE: set to: Sensors Automatic Config

Note: PX4 firmware supports UAVCAN power detection module in 1.10 or higher.

qgc set en - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

CUAV CAN PMU Firmware upgrade

CAN PMU can add new features or improve performance by upgrading firmware. The following describes how to upgrade CAN pmu firmware.

ArduPilot AC4.0/AP4.0 or above version of the flight control firmware, support UAVCAN device firmware upgrade and debugging through the flight control (PX4 firmware is not supported), the following tutorial requires that the flight control firmware must be the above firmware version.

Configuration parameter

Before upgrading the firmware you need to set the flight control parameters to Enable CAN PMU; then set the following parameters to enable CAN Slcan:

  • CAN_SLCAN_CPORT set to 1.
  • Serial7_protocol set to 22.
  • reboot flight control

AP/AC4.0 and above firmware, there will be two USB serial ports, one is the slcan port and the other is the MAVLINK port(if not, please reinstall your USB driver).

for Pixhack series/FMUv2/FMU V3/FMU V4 Flight control

  • CAN_SLCAN_CPORT set to 1
  • CAN_SLCAN_TIMEOUT set to 130000
  • CAN_SLCAN_SERNUMset to 0
  • usb will stop mavlink transmission and become Slcan port.

STM32F4XX does not support dual virtual USB ports, so FMU v5 and below (not included) flight control can only be used for SLCAN after MAVlink transmission is closed; mavlink output is restored after restarting the flight control.


upgrade firmware - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Connect CAN and Power cable
  • Use usb to connect the flight controller to the computer while using the battery to power the CAN PMU


method one:Firmware upgrade using Mission planner Firmware download

slcan - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Select the device port corresponding to slcan.
  • Click “slcan mode CAN1” on the UAVCAN interface.
  • Click “Update”, select NO in the pop-up prompt box (yes is to select online firmware; No select local firmware)
  • Select firmware file

slcan2 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Wait for the writer to complete

method two:Upgrade with UAVCAN GUI TOOL software UAVCAN GUI TOOL download

  • Select the device port corresponding to slcan and click “ok”

uavcan - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Click “√”; then double-click on the device information (marked in Figure 2 below)

uavcan2 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Click “update firmware”, the message box will pop up “yes”

uavcan3 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

The mode/heakth/uptime entry becomes “SOftware_update” uavcan4 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

  • Waiting for firmware write to complete

uavcan5 - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual

More information




Packing List


X7 series power cable * 1

V5 Series Power Cable * 1

Package Contents

can pmu list - CUAV CAN PMU User Manual


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