Skydroid T12 Manual

Skydroid T12 Manual

Connect to cellphone APP

  1. After Skydroid T12 is installed, it is confirmed that the receiver and the flight controller have been installed correctly and ensure that the receiver works properly.

  1. The APP currently only supports Android.

  1. Install the APP on your mobile phone.

  1. Power on the remote controller (short press + long press), enter the phone system settings interface to open Bluetooth, search for Bluetooth: T12-XXX. The pairing code is 1234.

  1. Open the device assistant APP, as shown below.

Adjust parameter of remote controller—- used to adjust the channel forward and reverse, rudder amount, channel binding, runaway protection value.

Hand Switching—Used to correct the maximum and minimum offsets of the median point.

Usually do not need to move, otherwise it may cause abnormal rudder.

Other options – used to select the receiver SBUS, PPM output, and digital baud rate.

Device upgrade– for updating firmware online.

Connection method, please use Bluetooth for remote control, USB for receiver.

  1. Remote control parameter adjustment, enter the controller adjustment interface. The app will read the current values of the remote controller and receiver .

For Example:

Channel 1: Binding key is X2, no reverse, failsafe 1500, minimum rudder is 1000, maximum rudder is 2000

Channel 2: Binding key is Y2, no reverse, failsafe 1500, minimum rudder is 1000, maximum rudder is 2000

Channel 3: Binding key is Y1, no reverse, failsafe900, minimum rudder is 1000, maximum rudder is 2000

Channel 4: Binding key is X1, no reverse, failsafe 1500, minimum rudder is 1000, maximum rudder is 2000


1.failsafe fill in “0”(default 1500)

2. Click in the upper right corner to write, otherwise you will not be able to record the transmitter and receiver.

Receiver / Camera / FC Connection and Setting
  1. Receiver

  2. Short-circuit MODE KEY and GND to enter the frequency pairing mode, the preen light flashes quickly turn on the remote controller and will complete the frequency pairing, after the frequency pairing the green light is always on.

  3. The digital transmission pin is as shown in the figure. Please insert the corresponding cable to flight control. The receiver TX corresponds to the flight control

  4. USB upgrade port is used to upgrade the receiver firmware, short-circuit the MODE KEY and GND buttons, insert the 4 button wiring of the USB upgrade into the computer, the receiver light will automatically turn red and flash slowly into the download

  5. Fault light:

The red light flashes quickly—the receiver does not pass the self-test, and it needs to be re-tested, if fails, need to return to the factory.

The red light and green light is turned on and flashes on alternately, which belongs to the self-test.

The self-test passed, the green light is not on—-the remote controller is not on, and not do frequency pairing.

There is no reaction when the power is turned on—-Check if the power supply is 5v, and whether the positive and negative poles are reversed. If all is normal, please return to factory.

Connect to Cellphone to Display the Video

  1. Properly solder the receiver to the camera and power up the unit

  2. Install the FUAV APP

  3. Connect the remote control to the phone with USB  

  4. Click OK in the pop-up USB window to display the image. 

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