Skydroid S10 User Manual

S10 1 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

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Skydroid S10 User Manual

Product Introduction

The handy drone alarmer combines the best functions of the alarmer and the latest wireless technology.It uses a new generation of wireless signal algorithms and has an ultra wide detectionrange of 300M~6GHz, which can accurately identify and distinguish various frequency bands of drones. The body is compact and easy to carry, combined with a detachable rich capacity battery, with a battery life of around 15 hours. It can be used for safety monitoring, environmental monitoring,and industrial testing, etc.

Product List

S10 18 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Product Overview

Interface and button instructions

S10 2 - Skydroid S10 User Manual
S10 3 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Product parameters

Drone alarmer

Display screen

1.5 inches







Charging interface


Power consumption




Battery life

approximately 15 hours

Working temperature


Installation and Use

Battery installation

S10 4 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Push the battery tightly onto the body and into the battery compartment, and hear a“ ka” sound.The battery clip will automatically tighten

Use of Drone Alarmer

Power on and volume adjustment
S10 5 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Turn the knob clockwise to power on the device, continue to rotate the knob to adjust the alarm volume, as shown in the following figure:

S10 6 - Skydroid S10 User Manual
Modifying Alarm Thresholds

Press the side add/subtract button to modify the alarm threshold value, as shown in the following figure:

S10 7 - Skydroid S10 User Manual
Function Introduction

Press and hold the menu button to enter the menu interface

S10 8 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

① Frequency band settings

S10 9 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Can close and open the desired frequency band for detection and modify the range value of the frequency band state:

S10 10 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

state:enable or disable
start:the starting frequency band
stop:Terminate the frequency band

② Filter frequency band

S10 11 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Filter out 425-445m (walkie talkie frequency band), no alarm will be triggered when the walkie talkie is detected, and it will be enabled by default.

③ Settings

S10 12 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

The restore default and vibration can be set

④ Version View

S10 13 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

View current version

⑤ language

S10 14 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Can change the system language, supports English, Russian and Chinese

5.3 Display Explaination

S10 15 - Skydroid S10 User Manual


Detection scope

Detected frequency bands and their proportions

Alarm threshold (Value)

Alarm threshold (Lever)

Frequency band waveform

Frequency band pseudo colored style image

Firmware upgrade

1.Insert one end of the TYPE-C to USB cable into the alarmer upgrade interface, and the other end into the computer USB port. Then, turn on the alarmer and it will enter upgrade mode. The display screen will display as follows:

S10 16 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

2.Open the Device Helper upgrade assistant (can be requested from the manufacturer)

S10 17 - Skydroid S10 User Manual

Click ① to refresh the serial port, and the corresponding serial port name for the alarmer will be
displayed on the left. If not, replace the data cable or computer;
Click ② to open the serial port, and it will prompt that the serial port has been successfully opened.
Click ③ to check for updates, and the corresponding device firmware information will appear in the
information bar; You can click ④ to upgrade immediately for online upgrade, or click ⑤ to select
local firmware upgrade (local firmware needs to be requested from the manufacturer);
After a successful upgrade, the drone alarmer will automatically turn on, and the version can be
checked according to the function introduction in 5.2.3.

Kind reminder: Please read the operating Skydroid S10 manual carefully before use

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