Skydroid H16 User Manual

Skydroid H16 HD Video Transmission System 5 2 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Skydroid H16 User Manual

Product Features

  1. The H16 series uses a brand-new Surging processor, equipped with an Android embedded system, uses advanced sdr technology, and a super protocol stack to make the video clearer, lower latency, longer distance, and stronger anti-interference, whether it is a drone , Robots, industrial control equipment, etc. can be applied .
  2. Support HDMI , network port , sensor interface , dual serial port transparent transmission , SBUS and other rich interfaces , aerial photography , FPV security , fire protection , electricity , surveying and mapping robots , border defense, etc. can be handy , such as on-site experience .
  3. The use of IP67 grade waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof materials and structure ensure not only good hand feeling, but also durability
  4. Benitez liquid crystal display H16 7-inch HD highlight display, the sun is still clearly the real-time information display supports 1080p high-definition digital video transmission. Dual antenna signals complement each other, super strong signal, super long distance, with algorithm control and out-of-step frequency hopping algorithm, greatly increase the weak signal communication ability. The transmission distance of H16 can reach 10 kilometers, and the transmission distance of H16 pro can reach 30 kilometers .
  5. high-energy density lithium-ion battery, support for 18w fast charge, full power can work 8-15 hours, always thinking of wilderness survival equipment reliability give you no care .
  6. H16 / H16 Pro supports rich interfaces such as HDMI, network port, sensor interface, dual serial port transparent transmission, sbus, etc. And supports more cameras, pan-tilts, pods and other video equipment. Development kit , SDK and technical support , support support video suspension , support the mainstream flight control ground station , support QGC RTSP video streaming and wireless sharing .
  7. The use of weather silica gel, frosted rubber, stainless steel, and aviation aluminum alloy make it have the ultimate hand feeling, but also meet the harsh conditions of outdoor use of drones. The H16 is dust-proof on the fuselage, control switches, and peripheral interfaces. , Water splash and other protective measures to ensure the stable and smooth operation of the equipment in harsh environments .
  8. Abundant ground interfaces, coach PPM input + output, RJ45 network interface, long-distance connection to the intranet, Type-c Android high-speed USB interface, OTG interface can be connected to U disk, network card, etc., expand TF card slot .
  9. independent 2-dimensional gimbal control levers make gimbal flying handy, like a fish in water.

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Download:Skydroid H16 User Manual(in PDF)

Main purpose

It is used to remotely operate helicopters, Plane, copter, Vtol, rover, etc. for video video transmission, data transmission, and control drone flight .

Data sheet
  Remote controller parameters   
Processor Pinecone S1 Transmission distance 10KM(H16);30km(H16 pro)
Working frequency 2.400~2.483GHZ Receiver sensitivity 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC
Operating voltage 4.2 V Bandwidth 20M
Duration 6~20h Frequency hopping Brand new FHSS
Install app support QGC version Official Universal Edition
Material plastic Screen size 7inch
Screen type LCD Resolution 1920*1200
Brightness 2000nit Battery 20000mah
Upgrade Online upgrade Weight 1034 g
Dimensions 272x183x94 mm Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃
Working environment Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃; working humidity does not exceed 85%; atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa   
Applications Helicopters, plane, copter, vtol   
 Receiver parameters   
RC output 16 channel sbus Receiver sensitivity 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC
Operating voltage 7.2-72 V Power consumption 2.4W
Dimensions 7659 ll mm Weight 90g
Material plastic Antenna type Whip antenna
Operating -10℃~+55℃   
   MlPI Camera 
Sensors OV4689 Pixel 400 thousand
Operating voltage 14-72V Working current (on light) 140 mA
Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃ Working current (no lights on) 14 mA
Dimensions 102.142.636.5 mm Weight 55 g
Hardware interface

1 Introduction to the remote control interfaceH16 users muanal 1 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Serial number annotation Serial number annotation
1 2.4G 3DB antenna 10 The three gear switch SW4
2 Three gear switch SW2 11 The three gear switch SW3
3 Three gear switch SW1 12 Knob assist 2
4 Left Joystick x1 、 y 1 13 Knob assist 1
5 Gimbal Joystick x3、y3   
6 Power switch   
7 Six-position switch   
8 button   
9 Right joystick x2 、y2   

2 Receiver interface introduction (physical picture)H16 users muanal 2 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 3 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 4 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

3 Receiver interface introduction ( simplified diagram )H16 users muanal 5 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 6 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Serial number annotation Serial number annotation
1 Network port 6 Serial 0
2 Power and SBUS input 7 Serial port 1
3 Type C interface 8 MIPI camera interface
4 TF card interface 9 HDMI input
5 Link button   
Environmental conditions

Environment temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃ . Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃ .
Relative humidity: no more than 85%. Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa.
Note: The H16 series adopts built-in lithium-ion battery , and the charging port is compatible with micro USB 5 V chargers (such as mobile phones, digital cameras, USB chargers) . If there is smoke, heat or unusual smells, please stop charging the controller immediately, and as soon as possible Return to our company for repair. Do not let the product be operated when it is not saturated and charged .
Do not leave the product where children can reach. The working environment should not be in containing or likely to cause any interference with the operation of the product corrosive explosive substances and harmful gases of masking work place to prevent rain , snow , wind , sand and dust pollution.

Note: This product uses the following terms to classify the potential hazards that may be caused by improper operation.

Note: If you operate incorrectly, it may cause property damage, major accidents and serious injuries.

Warning: After reading the entire user manual, familiarize yourself with the functions of the product before proceeding. If the product is not operated correctly, it may cause serious injury to yourself or others, or cause product damage and property loss. This product is relatively complicated, it takes a period of familiarity before it can be used safely, and it needs to have some basic common sense before it can be operated. If there is no strong safety awareness, no, proper operation may lead to product damage and property loss, or even to yourself Or others cause serious injury.


Do not charge when the room temperature exceeds 60 ℃ .
Beginners should pay attention to the following points! Please read carefully!
1 Don’t fly under the influence of material, or fly when tired !
2 Do not fly in strong wind and rain!
3 Don’t be close to transmission towers, communication stations and crowded areas!
4 Do not fly in the vicinity of airports and other prohibited areas!
5 Do not fly around people or animals, or damage property wherever possible A. Check the equipment before each flight, and perform maintenance and repairs as needed.
6 Use a certified charger to charge the battery.

Maintenance and storage

1) Store the remote control in a dry and ventilated place, and reduce direct sunlight to prevent the battery from overheating. If it needs to be stored for more than three months, the recommended storage temperature range is 22 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Do not store the battery in places lower than minus 20 degrees Celsius or higher than 45 degrees Celsius.
2) Do not immerse the remote control in water. If it does, please wipe it with a soft dry cloth and turn off the power immediately.
3) ban locking mechanical impact, crush, puncture, drop the battery is prohibited.

Connection and installation

Use wiring diagram

Take the V5+ flight control wiring as an example:

  • The UART 0 Interface connection to the V5 + TELEM1 interfaces; -The power supply range of high-brightness LED night vision light and sky terminal is 14-72V ;

  • The SBUS line is connected to the V5+ sbus interface; the power line is connected to the power supply; the other end is connected to the POW+SBUS interface of the sky terminal

  • Connect the camera’s data line to the MIPI port on the sky.H16 users muanal 7 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

V5+ physical connectionH16 users muanal 8 - Skydroid H16 User Manual
Pixhack physical connectionH16 users muanal 9 - Skydroid H16 User Manual
Preparation and inspection before use

1 Check the H16 battery level.
2 Check the position of the antenna to achieve better performance.
3 Make sure the firmware is the latest version.
4 Do not operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The following is a schematic diagram of the remote control and a brief description of the use of the drone:
When the remote antennas to be used to expand vertically upwards, parallel with the remote controller or not folded antenna; UAV must meet consumer method.

1. A brief schematic diagram of correct operation during use:H16 users muanal 10 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

2. A brief schematic diagram of incorrect operation during use:H16 users muanal 11 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 12 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

1.Antenna installation

(1) Diagram of correct operationH16 users muanal 13 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 14 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

(2) Diagram of wrong operationH16 users muanal 15 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 16 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Remote control settings

Set department language

①Enter the system settings, select language and input method.H16 users muanal 17 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

② After entering the language and input method, click on the language to switch, add, and delete languages .H16 users muanal 18 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Status barH16 users muanal 19 1 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

①Identify the successful networking through the network port and USB .
② Signal strength identification of the remote control and receiver (the receiver is not connected in the picture) .
③Power display .
④Time display .
⑤Back button .
⑥Back to the main key surface button .
⑦Background task management/split screen button .

H16 assistant introductionH16 users muanal 20 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

①Switch the joystick operation mode of the remote control .
②Check whether the values of each channel of the remote control are normal .
③You can view MIPI, HDMI, UART video and other RTSP videos (details are introduced below) .
④ Link the remote control with other receivers (the method of linking is described below) .
⑤ In the advanced parameters, you can adjust the channel, upgrade the firmware of the joystick, and modify the baud rate of the receiver serial port (the password needs to be asked by the technician) .

Frequency matching operationH16 users muanal 21 - Skydroid H16 User ManualH16 users muanal 22 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

1 After the receiver waits for 3-5 seconds after power press receiver on the frequency setting key , release the white light flashes when the hand .
2 enter H16 assistant, click on the frequency, click on the frequency (connected to the frequency will be displayed after successful ).

Video connection and settings

3 The factory default setting is HDMI/MIPI mode, which is used to display the video transmitted through MIPI/HDMI at the receiver .
4 UART video mode, to display single-axis PTZ, mini camera videos (need to connect the conversion board ).
5 Custom mode, this mode displays videos transmitted through the network port of the sky terminal .H16 users muanal 23 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Joystick calibration

Click on the rudder amount in the H16 assistant to view and calibrate with reference to the value :
1 When the remote control is completely off the screen, center the knob. Long press the c and d keys in the six-position switch, then wake up the screen and slide the screen up .
2 Release the c and d keys and long press the d key .
3 After reaching the maximum and minimum values of the left joystick, right joystick, small joystick and knob on the remote control , press to exit the calibration mode .

H16 users muanal 24 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

Ground station to acquire video

How to display the digital video transmission on the ground station , take the QGC ground station as the column for reference :

H16 users muanal 25 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

1 Click the system setting logo in QGC .
2 Click General .
3 Change the video source to RTSP Video Stresm .
4 in the RTSP URL or fill up fill write video in the RTSP address .

Data transmission configurationH16 users muanal 26 - Skydroid H16 User Manual H16 users muanal 27 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

5 Click the comm links .
6 Click Add .
7 Change the type to UDP and the listening port to 14551 .
8 Click OK to save .

Share videos and data

How to share internet, video/image transmi ssion and data/telemetry transmission

① Sharing network When the remote control is connected to the Internet via the USB wireless internet card, the hotspot of the remote control can be turned on for network sharing.

② Sharing data transmission

  1. Turn on the hotspot of the remote controller.

  2. Connect the hotspot by PC.

  3. Open Mission Planner, choose the connecting way into TCP.H16 users muanal 28 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

  4. Click“ connect”, enter into the IP address and click“ OK”.H16 users muanal 29 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

  5. Port number, please enter“ 5760” and click“ OK”, then, can get the telemetry.H16 users muanal 30 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

③ Sharing video/image transmission

  1. Open the hotspot of the remote controller.

  2. Connect the hotspot by PC.

  3. Open“ setting” in the PC, click on the“ adapter”, select Ethernet, select the IPV4 protocol, select a custom IP address, enter according to the method in the figure, and click“ OK”.H16 users muanal 31 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

  4. Download VLC exe. to show video/image.H16 users muanal 32 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

  1. Open VLC and choose network streaming.H16 users muanal 33 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

  2. Enter“ rtsp://” to URL and click“ play”

H16 users muanal 34 - Skydroid H16 User Manual

master & slave controlling mode, coach mode and student mode

Master & slave controlling mode: Connect PPM port of each H16 with Aux cable (3.5mm audio cable) can implement a single operating of master controlling mode, a single operating ofslave controlling mode and mixed controlling mode.

Detail steps

  1. Connect the PPM interface of the two H16 with an AUX cable, and then select one of them to bind with the drone and set it as the master controller. Log into the APP named as“ H16 Assistant” and select the advanced parameters, enter the password“ 999”, click the coach mode, and choose the master controller mode. After selecting the channel of the coach switch, click Save (the coach switch only supports SW1-SW4).

  2. Open another remote control to enter the“ H16 Assistant” to select advanced parameters, enter the password 999 Click the coach mode, and choose the slave mode. Click to save.

  3. Switch three modes with the coach controller’s SW switch. ① The upper lever is the student mode, which means the student controls the drone completely, the coach does not participate. The coach can switch the mode to quickly take over when the students encounter a burst. ② The middle lever is the mixed controlling mode. At this time, both remote controls can operate, and the coach can correct the operation of the student. ③ The down lever is the coach mode, and the students cannot operate. Note: When using the coaching mode, the student’s side only has 4 channels of two joysticks that can be used, while other channels are invalid. The student’s controller also cannot use the video & picture transmission and ground station App.

Common problems and solutions

1. Can the remote control install other applications?

The permissions of the remote control are all open, and there is no special software or restricted software installation and uninstallation .

2. How does the remote control enter the fast charge mode?

You must use a dedicated charger to enter the fast charge mode, and there is a text prompt on the lock screen interface .

3. How to get the RTSP address when using MIPI or HDMI camera ?

Open the H16 assistant, open the video to view, click on the settings (virtual button), click on the video stream address, click on custom to copy the link below that starts with RTSP. Then paste it .

4. Data transmission cannot be connected ?

Check the surface station is added UDP port to connect to a remote controller, whether the listening port 14551 , check the baud rate is normal ,

Check if RX and TX are connected in reverse (correct connection method RX to TX , TX to RX) .

5. Cannot display videos after connecting to the webcam ?

The video transmitted through the network port has a dedicated RTSP address. Not compatible with MIPI/HDMI. This RTSP address should be consulted with the webcam manufacturer .

6. Can’t access the Internet after the remote control’s network port is connected ?

Turn off the WiFi before connecting the 4g network card and the network port .

7. The remote control cannot connect to WiFi ?

The remote control can only connect to the 5g band WiFi, and the mobile phone hotspot can be changed to a 5g band hotspot .


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