Skydroid H16 Series Flash Google Services

Skydroid H16 HD Video Transmission System 1 - Skydroid H16 Series Flash Google Services

Skydroid H16 Series Flash Google Services

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  • Note:The Skydroid H16 has already installed Google services before leaving the factory, and the tutorial is only for H16 without Google services installed.

The installation requires the download of ADB Tool and the H16 /H16 Pro google services.img file, which can be downloaded directly from Related File Download.

ADB Tool Download

ADB Tool Download URL :


ADB Install

  • If you are using the Windows operating system, after decompressing the downloaded compressed package, we need to choose a fixed path to store the decompressed folder, and then we need to save the entire platform tool package directory Add it to the Path of “System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables“, as shown below:



Install Test


Enter fastboot Mode

Long press the Power button and B button to enter fastboot mode


Install Google


After “Finished. Total time“is displayed, flashing is successful


Enter “reboot “to restart Skydroid H16


Activate Android

  1. remote control power on
  2. connect to Wi-Fi(H16 can only connect to 5G WiFi)
  3. Open developer options(Click three times in a row)


View Android ID

Google Activate Android

Activate URL :



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